Wednesday Revelations

  • I want to be so much more than a doctor…I want to be a healer.  <–Still figuring out exactly what this means for me.
  • I have never been prouder to be a Passion Diva, romance specialist, and sex guru. <– Connected to above perhaps?
  • I have been gifted with the abilities to write eloquently, speak loudly, educate deeply, and create a safe space in which others can be wholly honest and open. <–Thank you Universe.
  • Before I can achieve true success, I must heal my relationship with money.  <–“You grow up quick when you grow up poor”
  • I am happiest when I am fully in my body, flowing through yoga poses and dance steps.  <–It’s the most beautiful thing.



Defining Passion

The Passion of Flowers in Holt

Happy Tuesday!  Today I want to write a little bit about one of the best decisions I ever made: becoming a Passion Consultant.

Now I could focus on the money, connections, growth, and perks that I have experienced as a result of this business but you can read/hear about that from most Passion consultants.  Instead I want to talk about why I’ve stuck with this particular business for the past two+ years,  why I’m in the process of expanding, and why I deal with the negative stereotypes (and sometimes consequences) which come along with being “the sex toy lady” (hint: my clients know I am way way more than that)!

So here goes…

As a Passion Consultant I receive a lot of questions, judgments, and concerns.  Some of these are positive but, unfortunately, many are negative.  Fact of the matter is, a lot of individuals simply do not understand what I do.  I don’t blame them at all.  We live in a society that simultaneously glorifies and stifles sex, especially when it comes to women (see image below).  We are objectified by the media, constantly reminded that our physical bodies are not enough, and then censored when we attempt to depict sex and sensuality as something healthy and pleasurable. Men get the majority of their sex education from Maxim-like magazines and male-directed pornography* and pass those views and models to the women in their lives who then adopt a male-centric view of their bodies and their sensuality.  Many of us are undereducated and misinformed: and that is precisely what I am working to change.  Its why I am so passionate about my business.  Its why I want to focus on women’s and reproductive health for my MPH.  Its why I dedicate lots of time and money to grow my business, follow-up with past contacts, and bring pleasure (through the products I sell and the knowledge I relay) to as many women as possible.

Sexual Repression at Both Extremes (Source)

Long story short, sex and sensuality are issues I can talk about, write about, and learn about day in and day out until forever.

I love doing all of those things with food too but its not the same.  Sex/sensuality is so much bigger.  It isn’t just “traditional” intercourse, its the engagement of all of your senses, the moving into your body to feel every whisper of a touch, lick, or kiss.  Its foreplay, massage, oral, anal, fisting, BDSM…the list goes on.  Its about reproduction and pleasure and pain and connection and any combination of those.  Its the sweet tenderness of making love, the lackluster event we sometimes call sex, and a rough f*ck.  It can mean everything and it can mean nothing.  What it is all depends on the moment.  My job, then, is to equip you with the knowledge and tools so that you can figure out what kind of moment you want to create, guilt-free.  Because our Passion is our own and just like our sense of style and attraction to others is unique, so should our sexual desires and how we express them.  My parties offer a comfortable, educational, and judgement-free zone to explore any & all of these topics.  And soon, I’ll be going even deeper…

My name is Kait…I’m excited to be your passion diva, romance specialist, and sex guru…and this is what Passion means to me:

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Kait xo

*In all honesty, neither Maxim nor porn bothers me.  I do take issue, however, when these are not enjoyed for simple entertainment purposes but rather as a source of definitive information and education.  And without standardized, pleasure-inclusive, or even relevant sex education available, this is where many turn.

Priorities, Pt. 2

Read Part 1 here.

So where did we leave off?  OH yes, the connection between $, food, and health.

To sum up: we’re spending a huge percentage of our income of healthcare and only a measly itsy bitsy 7% on food.  What the heck else are we buying?  Well, the article goes on to provide a detailed breakdown of what, exactly, we spent our money on.  This part in particular spoke to me (formatting done by me):

“Has the much heralded age of austerity really come? As you can see from our snapshot of the changes in monthly household spending over the past four years, it’s a mixed picture. Following the financial crisis and recession, consumer spending dropped in 2009 for the first time in 71 years, but we didn’t close our wallets completely. Each month, the average adult American buys $3,710 worth of goods and services (which includes direct purchases as well as such expenses as employer-funded health care plans bought on our behalf), according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Adjusted for inflation, that’s down just 2%, from $3,784 four years ago.

Instead of cutting back wholesale, we have traded down. Americans are spending more on games and hobbies, bikes and outdoor equipment, fostering homemade fun, than we did before the downturn; we are laying out less for speedboats, foreign cars and six-burner professional stoves. Foreign travel is down, but splurges on nights at U.S. hotels are up. We are spending less on sporting events and amusement parks but more at the movies–and on TV viewing […]

We haven’t become as thrifty as some economists might have expected. But what we define as splurges and necessities has changed. Expenditures on cell phones, cable television and Internet service, for instance, have not been dented one bit by the recession. ‘Connectivity has joined food, shelter and sex as a necessity,’ says consumer-behavior expert Paco Underhill. ‘In a pinched era, we need all the community we can get.'” Source

Welp… Maybe I add “priorities” to my list of reasons from last post about why people sometimes struggle to purchase, cook, and consume healthy foods. And I gotta ask, what happened to good, old-fashioned communities?

My point with these series of posts is that we’re spending less now than at any other time in the past 60 years on the foods we buy and are as sick as can be with chronic disease (which is proven to be related to poor diet) but refuse to cut our “communication” budget.  We are placing a higher premium on cell service, texting, and internet than on the very thing which fuels and supports our lives.  As an aside, we are spending more on “communication” yet many of us are less connected.  Again, this isn’t new or even eye opening information.  But something about seeing it laid out right in front of me was rather terrifying.

Now has technology done amazing things for humans?  Yes…to some extent.  I love being able to easily and quickly stay in touch with people via e-mail or Facebook, sharing my thoughts with you all on here, and working my business’ maximum potential using online marketing.  It makes life easier.  But at what cost (literally and figuratively)?  But again, I ask how has it gotten to the point where having unlimited internet on our cell phones is more important that having wholesome foods on our table? 

Well we know industry plays a role but it also speaks to human nature.  We all have a need to be connected and accepted.  For many of us, technology provides that, whether it is through an online community or something else.  And so we stick to it, we, dare I even write it, hide behind it.  Its easy to block our our pain, emotional or physical, when we are connecting with our virtual BFF.  Its easy to pretend that everything is ok when others are supporting us with their uplifting words on discussion boards.  And its easy to just go on feeling numb because, at the end of the day, we always have our internet communities to hold us up.

But I ask again, at what cost?

I’m by no means immune from this: I’ve just become aware of the issue and try to catch myself whenever I am falling into the trap of stumbling around online just to kill the time.  Turning inward during times of difficulty is what I do (anyone else with me on this?).  Connecting with others is what I really should be doing.  Or cooking up something fantastic.

Shifting back to the topic at hand: I’m certainly not judging anyone for whom acquiring the latest and greatest commodity is a priority.  Its just not for me.  Ok and to be honest, I actually might  judge you a little bit if you aren’t feeding yourself or your family right first.  Because we’ve got this one life and this one body and all that other happy horse you-know-what. Unfortunately, all of that is true.  Also true is the fact that we keep getting sicker…and refuse to cut back on our commodity purchases but complain about the (not really outrageous, just high compared to the cheap non-food that is on the shelves) price of wholesome food.


One last point that I think often gets lost in the shuffle: the opposite of the standard American diet (*insert ridiculous remark about how the acronym is SAD) isn’t a 100% organic raw vegan diet.  Not by any means.  In fact, when money got tight (*cue dark music*) for me, I had to readjust my priorities too.  Did I want to have enough food each week or did I want to have all organic food?  I know you aren’t surprised that I went with the former!  And thus my excitement/love/obsession with the Wegmans bulk spinach.  Because, of course, I would decide to start drinking green smoothies at the same time that I need to tighten my belt.  Go me.

Oh and in case you are wondering, the first budget-tightening I did involved dropping to a lower plan on my phone.  I totally did it for the spinach.

Yoga, beauty, life.


Priorities, Pt. 1

Read Part II, here.

One of the first question any vegetarian/vegan/herbivore/plant-based foodie gets asked is: “How can you afford it?”  This is usually after, “But where do you get your protein?” and before, “But don’t you miss meat?”  Sometimes a well-intentioned, “Wow I could never do that” gets thrown into the mix and then you really feel like a superstar (kidding).

My personal response is that it all comes down to priorities.  I choose to spend a larger portion of my income on food because I believe that proper nutrition is the best preventative medicine money can buy.  I believe that a plant-based, or mostly so, diet can reverse chronic illness (Forks Over Knives anyone?) too.  So I make buying high quality, organic-when-possible, wholesome foods a top priority and budget out what some would say is “a lot” of money to purchase said food.

Its just my way of life.

Sometimes if I’m in a sassy mood or with someone who I know can handle a little, ahem, intellectual stimulation, I’ll bring up the fact that I have none of the following: a smart phone, unlimited calling, or unlimited texts.  In addition, I can’t really remember the last time I spent money on clothes.   The fact of the matter is: I just don’t spend a lot of money on anything besides the necessities.  Which, for me, include rent, utilities (as minimal as possible), and wholesome food.

Chickpea Taco bar

Obviously this is my choice and I do my best to not judge others for making a different choice.  I’m human though so sometimes when I get this response from someone who is currently enjoying their new x, y, and/or z, I get bit frustrated.  Add in health issues and well…  On one hand, it boggles my mind.  On the other, I completely recognize and understand that there are myriad of factors which play a role in determining whether a person decides to purchase, prepare, and/or consume wholesome foods:

My not-quite-comprehensive list includes:

  • Fear of cooking/belief that you are a bad cook
  • Lack of actual cooking skills (vastly different from above, although most of us start here)
  • Confusion over what to purchase
  • Not knowing what is truly healthy (thank you food industry)
  • Desensitized taste buds from years of eating processed foods
  • A history of eating poorly prepared vegetables
  • Bad experiences with healthy foods and/or inherited negative beliefs/emotions surrounding healthy foods (x is gross!)
  • Excuses
  • Sugar/salt addiction
  • Time constraints
  • Peer pressure
  • $$$

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A new road…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll probably be talking a lot about paths on here.  The subtitle of this blog is “A conglomeration of things I love,” and while I can’t say that I always love the journey, I’m working on embracing it with my whole heart.

I’ve found that the more I fight back, the more I resist and adhere to social norms or what is “expected,” the more I hurt.

With this in mind, and after months of deliberating–knowing fully well, as we always do, what the right decision was–I let go of a long-held “dream” to choose a new path.  Within seconds of speaking my decision aloud, I felt nauseous and scared and exhilarated.  That alone showed me two things: 1) I made the right decision and 2) I’ve come so far with regards to being comfortable with discomfort.

Like many of us, I run from that which I’m afraid of and do everything in my power to prevent pain.  But over the course of the past year and a half, with the help of blogs and mentors such as Dr. Lissa Rankin, I’ve started to learn how to be comfortable with pain.  How to, dare I say it, embrace the pain without judgement.  Its not always easy and Universe knows I don’t always succeed but I am trying.

And despite what Yoda says, some things aren’t so clear cut as do and not do.  Some things are a journey that meanders in and out and around.  It looks a little something like this:

For years I believed I wanted to go to medical school..for all I know, I might still.  When people ask me why and how it always came down to a couple of things: my love for science, my need to heal, and my fascination with the human body.  Add in the desire for job security and a degree that offers me flexibility to do various things (practice, research, teach, etc) and medicine was the perfect fit.

Yes I realize how silly that sounds.  How some people know their whole lives they want to go into medicine and for me it just seemed to FIT some idea of a perfect job…how I had to choose a path that is ridiculously difficult, highly revered, and increasingly despised.  If you know me well enough, then it makes perfect sense.  Otherwise, I might just sound crazy.

But I ask, are there really any better reasons to go into a job than following one’s interest, both personal and practical?

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Last Friday Night

There was neither dancing on tabletops or too many shots.

There was, however, THIS:

Now for those of you who know me, and especially if you’ve visited, know that I’m obsessed with all things offered by Niche Hospitality group.  To the point where the restaurant manager/wine sommelier at The Citizen knows my name and face.  If you visit me on a Thursday (hint: you are all welcome), we will go for wine + cheese + (free) chocolate.

Yes I just wrote the words virtually every woman longs to hear: free chocolate.

What makes this restaurant group unique is, as their name suggests, their focus on niche markets.  The Citizen is wine, cheese, and chocolate, Mezcal is a “tequila cantina,” Bocado offers the absolute best, most budget friendly tapas I’ve ever experienced, The People’s Kitchen is super expensive classy farm-to-table, artisan restaurant (where every dime is worth it), and then there is their latest venture: Still & Stir.

Created in the vault of an old bank, think speakeasy meets classy.  The lighting is low, the atmosphere is warm, and there’s always a pole to lean against after having one too many of their hand-crafted, unique, and delicious cocktails. They even make their own super clear and special ice so that it doesn’t melt too quickly in your glass.  This is super important for whiskey/bourbon/scotch drinkers!

They have special ice and I love it it.

As an avid fan of the restaurants, and really of free anything, I decided to RSVP for this event, something I did not regret.  Everyone who attended received induction into the Bourbon Society itself which offers 3x loyalty points in Still & Stir (100 pts = $10 to spend), admission to other Still & Stir events, and a number of other perks.  As for the food and drink, in addition to offering cheeses, meats, sandwiches, dips and their melt-in-your-mouth french bread (all made fresh and sourced as locally as possible), there was 10+ bourbons to sample.

Now I’m a champ at sampling wine and beer (e.g.  Newport Winefest and my Beer Extravaganza Anniversary weekend) but bourbon was a whole different story.  Rather than cop out, however, beau and I shared some of the more “fiery” (in both proof and taste) choices.

Ok they weren't that bad!

We followed it up with some delicious cocktails like the Maple Mainer (bourbon + muddled blueberries, maple syrup, and who cares because there’s maple syrup in it something else.) for me and an Old Fashioned for beau.

Maple Mainer.

Then we grabbed food to help with that headiness we were feeling from the bourbon…and because we were hungry…and because the food is out of this world.

Butternut & Apple Bisque with Walnut Oil and the Veggie Melt

The thing about these restaurants, one of the big reasons I keep going back (besides the awesome service and atmosphere) is that they take something simple like butternut squash soup or grilled cheese (not shown) and turn it into a taste explosion that leaves your taste buds dancing and rocking out and…

Oh wait, is that just me?



The Wegmans Experience


HIYA loves!  The above picture has nothing to do with this post but he’s just too darn cute.  I figured if you are someone who, like me, slightly dreads Sundays because they signal the end of the weekend then you could use a ridiculous pick-me-up.  🙂

So today was the epic, long-awaited grand opening of the Northborough Wegmans.  For those who are unfamiliar with Wegmans, it is like a Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s/Stop & Shop/International Food Shoppe/BJs/etc conglomeration.  I had no clue what the big deal was until I received their first mailer back in September and was immediately swept up Wegmans mania!  The prices are low, the Club Pack (bulk) items are huge, their Nature’s Marketplace is like a mini Whole Foods in the middle of the larger store, and their produce section includes specialties from all over the world.  <– Not sure how I feel about that.

Just before the doors opened.

Last year I remember hearing about it but I wasn’t supposed to still be in the area.  I now like to joke that the whole reason my former plans (emphasis on the FORMER, for now at least) didn’t work out is so I could have the Wegmans Experience.

And boy did I ever!

Beau and I got up at 5:15 after about 3 hours of sleep and hurriedly got ready.  We left at 5:45, got some Dunks, and flew down Rt 9 (all green lights) to be standing in line at 6:00 sharp.  <– I think I want to drive Rt. 9 at random hours all the time!

Waiting at 6am.

Our morning entertainment


We did the Wegmans’ cheer, I sang and danced and skipped, made new friends, and impressed the longtime fans with my enthusiasm.  😉 They also provided free goodies (donut holes, muffins, carbonated juice, etc) to those of us who were waiting.  And there were lots of us.  The first people arrived at 5pm the night before and by the time the sun was up and the store opened, the line was probably a mile long from end to end.

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Rainy Friday

Hopefully I’ll be able to start coming up with more original blog titles soon.  For now though, you’ll have to understand that I’m still growing my creative muscle after years of no use.

Thanks in advance.  ❤

This week has surely been roller coaster-esque.  (Tangent: I like to make up words).  I’ve been dealing with some health stuff and yesterday was incredibly hard as I dealt with yet another issue.  Lately it seems that every time one thing heals, another arises.  I keep thinking I catch a break, and then I don’t.  Needless to say, I wasn’t the happiest little (literally) researcher.  And by that I mean there were shoulder-heaving-snot-dripping-down-face sobs in the corner of the bathroom at work.  And in my car and at home…you get the picture.

To counteract my feelings of helplessness, I made an appt with a chiropractor/functional medicine practitioner who came highly recommended by one of my LOVELY yoga teachers.  It was a rather terrifying interesting experience that is going to take me days to process.

Let’s just say I went in for my wrist pain and tendonitis and came out with a focus on estrogen dominance as the underlying cause of everything.

I’m all for this whole body perspective of health, but DAMN I did not expect it be so terrifying.  The big picture can be kind of depressing when you are 23 and have a medical history that includes joint, GI, and hormonal issues with no underlying chronic condition.

Now I know why so many of us spend our days looking at the trees instead of the forest.  The forest is dark and scary and complex and, scariest of all, all connected.

There were more tears, more realizations, and lots of heart palpitations.

All-in-all, though, I’m not sure I’ll be going back.  For one it is really expensive (and not covered by insurance).  I’m also not sure that we did anything today other then shine light on things I had already figured out for myself, just not completely consciously.  Finally, the treatment includes supplementation which I’ve always been against and potentially taking me off my birth control.  UM…

Do I think my hormones are probably off-balance?  YUP.  Does it seem like I might have estrogen dominance syndrome?  Another yes.  Can’t I treat it through food and lifestyle changes?  Why do I have to take supplements, some of which might be animal-derived (ew)?  And what happened to the body’s ability to heal itself?

In the end, I can’t say that it wasn’t what I expected.  I knew that she treats with supplements.  The scientist in me is just too analytical to accept unproven things (like supplements) at face value.  I’m not completely closed to the idea but I do need to do what i feel is right for me.

I know our healthcare field is messed up and I know about the controversy and inadequacy of the FDA and so on and so froth.  But undoing years of indoctrination isn’t that easy to do.  I’m trying to jump in full force to this world of non-Western medicine but my brain is not letting me just do it.  Some would call it weakness, others, a healthy dose of skepticism.

I think I’ll stick with the latter.

Yoga, beauty, life,

Kait xo

Day 1 – A New Start

3 hours of yoga and I’m feeling blissed out and Gumby-like.

But I should probably back up.

HI!  My name is Kait and I’m not your average 20-something from New England.  In fact, you’ll often see me write about finding balance, energetic shifts, and paradigm-shifting activities, and other hippie-esque topics.  *Note*: Use of the term hippie is an endearing one as I fully embrace and LOVE my yoga-filled, green-as-possible-on-a-budget, herbivore life.

I’m rather tangential (in case you didn’t figure that out already) but here are some of the things you can expect on this blog:

General musings.
Food (lots of food…I love to cook and I love to eat).
Healthy living tips.
Articles about any and all of the following: politics, women’s health, nutrition, environmentalism/green lifestyle, and sexual health.  Plus anything else I find interesting.
Calls to action (most likely related to nutrition and women’s/reproductive health campaigns).

My love of writing developed at a young age but got shoved behind my love of science for many years.  Thanks to an internship with the Massachusetts Public Health Association, my creative bone is once again being strengthened and I’m doing all kinds of awesome stuff like web design and letter writing.

Oh and I’m a total grammar geek.  It doesn’t mean I’m perfect, just that I try to be!  So feel free to correct me if you see something…constructive criticism is an amazing tool.

I’m doing a legit post after this but felt obligated to do some sort of intro so ya’ll can link back and see how it all began.

Oh and why is it a new start?  Because today I made my decision to move on, to move up.  Sorry to leave you hanging, but the story will unravel as time goes on.

To yoga, beauty, and life!

Kait xo