Day 1 – A New Start

3 hours of yoga and I’m feeling blissed out and Gumby-like.

But I should probably back up.

HI!  My name is Kait and I’m not your average 20-something from New England.  In fact, you’ll often see me write about finding balance, energetic shifts, and paradigm-shifting activities, and other hippie-esque topics.  *Note*: Use of the term hippie is an endearing one as I fully embrace and LOVE my yoga-filled, green-as-possible-on-a-budget, herbivore life.

I’m rather tangential (in case you didn’t figure that out already) but here are some of the things you can expect on this blog:

General musings.
Food (lots of food…I love to cook and I love to eat).
Healthy living tips.
Articles about any and all of the following: politics, women’s health, nutrition, environmentalism/green lifestyle, and sexual health.  Plus anything else I find interesting.
Calls to action (most likely related to nutrition and women’s/reproductive health campaigns).

My love of writing developed at a young age but got shoved behind my love of science for many years.  Thanks to an internship with the Massachusetts Public Health Association, my creative bone is once again being strengthened and I’m doing all kinds of awesome stuff like web design and letter writing.

Oh and I’m a total grammar geek.  It doesn’t mean I’m perfect, just that I try to be!  So feel free to correct me if you see something…constructive criticism is an amazing tool.

I’m doing a legit post after this but felt obligated to do some sort of intro so ya’ll can link back and see how it all began.

Oh and why is it a new start?  Because today I made my decision to move on, to move up.  Sorry to leave you hanging, but the story will unravel as time goes on.

To yoga, beauty, and life!

Kait xo

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