Last Friday Night

There was neither dancing on tabletops or too many shots.

There was, however, THIS:

Now for those of you who know me, and especially if you’ve visited, know that I’m obsessed with all things offered by Niche Hospitality group.  To the point where the restaurant manager/wine sommelier at The Citizen knows my name and face.  If you visit me on a Thursday (hint: you are all welcome), we will go for wine + cheese + (free) chocolate.

Yes I just wrote the words virtually every woman longs to hear: free chocolate.

What makes this restaurant group unique is, as their name suggests, their focus on niche markets.  The Citizen is wine, cheese, and chocolate, Mezcal is a “tequila cantina,” Bocado offers the absolute best, most budget friendly tapas I’ve ever experienced, The People’s Kitchen is super expensive classy farm-to-table, artisan restaurant (where every dime is worth it), and then there is their latest venture: Still & Stir.

Created in the vault of an old bank, think speakeasy meets classy.  The lighting is low, the atmosphere is warm, and there’s always a pole to lean against after having one too many of their hand-crafted, unique, and delicious cocktails. They even make their own super clear and special ice so that it doesn’t melt too quickly in your glass.  This is super important for whiskey/bourbon/scotch drinkers!

They have special ice and I love it it.

As an avid fan of the restaurants, and really of free anything, I decided to RSVP for this event, something I did not regret.  Everyone who attended received induction into the Bourbon Society itself which offers 3x loyalty points in Still & Stir (100 pts = $10 to spend), admission to other Still & Stir events, and a number of other perks.  As for the food and drink, in addition to offering cheeses, meats, sandwiches, dips and their melt-in-your-mouth french bread (all made fresh and sourced as locally as possible), there was 10+ bourbons to sample.

Now I’m a champ at sampling wine and beer (e.g.  Newport Winefest and my Beer Extravaganza Anniversary weekend) but bourbon was a whole different story.  Rather than cop out, however, beau and I shared some of the more “fiery” (in both proof and taste) choices.

Ok they weren't that bad!

We followed it up with some delicious cocktails like the Maple Mainer (bourbon + muddled blueberries, maple syrup, and who cares because there’s maple syrup in it something else.) for me and an Old Fashioned for beau.

Maple Mainer.

Then we grabbed food to help with that headiness we were feeling from the bourbon…and because we were hungry…and because the food is out of this world.

Butternut & Apple Bisque with Walnut Oil and the Veggie Melt

The thing about these restaurants, one of the big reasons I keep going back (besides the awesome service and atmosphere) is that they take something simple like butternut squash soup or grilled cheese (not shown) and turn it into a taste explosion that leaves your taste buds dancing and rocking out and…

Oh wait, is that just me?



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