Defining Passion

The Passion of Flowers in Holt

Happy Tuesday!  Today I want to write a little bit about one of the best decisions I ever made: becoming a Passion Consultant.

Now I could focus on the money, connections, growth, and perks that I have experienced as a result of this business but you can read/hear about that from most Passion consultants.  Instead I want to talk about why I’ve stuck with this particular business for the past two+ years,  why I’m in the process of expanding, and why I deal with the negative stereotypes (and sometimes consequences) which come along with being “the sex toy lady” (hint: my clients know I am way way more than that)!

So here goes…

As a Passion Consultant I receive a lot of questions, judgments, and concerns.  Some of these are positive but, unfortunately, many are negative.  Fact of the matter is, a lot of individuals simply do not understand what I do.  I don’t blame them at all.  We live in a society that simultaneously glorifies and stifles sex, especially when it comes to women (see image below).  We are objectified by the media, constantly reminded that our physical bodies are not enough, and then censored when we attempt to depict sex and sensuality as something healthy and pleasurable. Men get the majority of their sex education from Maxim-like magazines and male-directed pornography* and pass those views and models to the women in their lives who then adopt a male-centric view of their bodies and their sensuality.  Many of us are undereducated and misinformed: and that is precisely what I am working to change.  Its why I am so passionate about my business.  Its why I want to focus on women’s and reproductive health for my MPH.  Its why I dedicate lots of time and money to grow my business, follow-up with past contacts, and bring pleasure (through the products I sell and the knowledge I relay) to as many women as possible.

Sexual Repression at Both Extremes (Source)

Long story short, sex and sensuality are issues I can talk about, write about, and learn about day in and day out until forever.

I love doing all of those things with food too but its not the same.  Sex/sensuality is so much bigger.  It isn’t just “traditional” intercourse, its the engagement of all of your senses, the moving into your body to feel every whisper of a touch, lick, or kiss.  Its foreplay, massage, oral, anal, fisting, BDSM…the list goes on.  Its about reproduction and pleasure and pain and connection and any combination of those.  Its the sweet tenderness of making love, the lackluster event we sometimes call sex, and a rough f*ck.  It can mean everything and it can mean nothing.  What it is all depends on the moment.  My job, then, is to equip you with the knowledge and tools so that you can figure out what kind of moment you want to create, guilt-free.  Because our Passion is our own and just like our sense of style and attraction to others is unique, so should our sexual desires and how we express them.  My parties offer a comfortable, educational, and judgement-free zone to explore any & all of these topics.  And soon, I’ll be going even deeper…

My name is Kait…I’m excited to be your passion diva, romance specialist, and sex guru…and this is what Passion means to me:

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Kait xo

*In all honesty, neither Maxim nor porn bothers me.  I do take issue, however, when these are not enjoyed for simple entertainment purposes but rather as a source of definitive information and education.  And without standardized, pleasure-inclusive, or even relevant sex education available, this is where many turn.

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