Worcester Weekend Discoveries: Waffles, Wisecracks, & more!


I hope you appreciate the alliteration above.  If not, I might have to reconsider our friendship.  Just sayin’.  😉

This weekend was full of wonderful discoveries right here at home.  People, especially Bostonians (not that I’m pointing fingers) hate on the Woo all the time.  And even though I badmouthed it a little bit last week, I secretly love it.  As a smaller city, it lacks the tourist-y BS of larger cities while simultaneously offering food and drink hang-outs on-par with any city I’ve visited.  There might not be restaurants by chefs who are household names but there are gems like this and these and the ones I’m going to share with you below.

Perhaps a better title for this post would have been All Hail to the Woo?


My life stomach has been full of waffles lately.

Yes, I’m legitimately dedicating a section to waffles.  If you aren’t interested, scroll down for more fun stuff!  Anyway, I’m dedicating this part not just to any waffles (although having them made for you while you lounge in your PJs and catch-up with friends whilst discovering your friend’s secret BA culinary skills is pretty fantastic…) but these:


Worcester is lovingly known as “the Woo.”  Don’t ask me why – I’m not a native!  But it is easier to say and adds a bit of ghetto flair I kind of love.  Anyway, I had heard about these waffles from the VegWorcester Local Eating Guide and have been intending on trying these out for about a year now.  They’ve only been around since October 2010 so I can’t have longed for them for much longer than that!

What makes WooDaddy different?  I’m listing it for you since I’m feeling a little sassy today.  Oh, and there’s something to pique everyone’s interest.  In no particular order:

  • Location.  WooDaddy serves its waffles over at Moynihan’s Bar over on Main South (near Clark for those who are familiar).  This isn’t the “best” part of town (again, as those who are familiar well know) but on a weekend morning with a group of friends, it adds a little kick.  Moynihan’s itself is a bit of a hole-in-the-wall, my favorite type of place to eat!  Its got great wooden booths, bad beer on tap, and enough Boston sports team pride to make you vomit happy.  😉  Its a little dark and chock full of character.  You probably won’t want to use the bathrooms or stop by alone on a Saturday night, but for your hangover breakfast, it’s perfect!
  • Atmosphere. Friendly, relaxed, and glittery!  Everyone seems to know everyone else, and if you’re the newbie, neighbors will happily chat with you about anything and everything.  The servers and cooks are attentive and amicable and will make sure to tell you about all the offerings.  No one looks at you strangely if you order something sans animal products (more on that below) and, best of all, they’ve got glitter!  Actually best of all was their attention to detail, specifically noting that I had ordered all veg stuff and switching out the regular whipped cream for the vegan (coconut-based) version.  🙂
  • Food selection.  Ok obviously this is dominated by amazing, veg-friendly waffles.  Nothing mind-blowing there.  But its what WooDaddy has done with the historically-pushed-into-the-“sweet”-breakfast-box staple that truly matters.  And all the little things.  They have sweet waffles, they have waffles and eggs, waffles and tofu scramble, waffles and chicken, french toast waffles (for those who can’t give up their beloved french toast), waffles rancheros, etc.  You can get regular or real maple syrup, regular or vegan (homemade!) whipped cream, eggs or tofu, egg or banana (for the french toast batter), etc!  You see what I’m getting at?  No matter what eating philosophy you prescribe to, you can find something here.  And its all delish and satisfied without feeling too weighted down!  And now for some crappy phone pics.

Bren's breakfast: Waffles Rancheros

Mine - Pumpkin Waffles and Tofu Scramble

  • Philosophy. “WooDaddy Waffles is a social culinary venture in the center of Main South in Worcester, Massachusetts. Dedicated to not only serving our community delicious and wholly good food, but also to embodying a new form of business and living. We are working towards building third spaces that create community, build relationships and foster interdependencies in post-industrial urban spaces.”  Nuff said.  🙂

Wisecracks Comedy Club at Jose Murphy’s


Before the beau arrived on Saturday, I knew I wanted to do something different.  So I checked out the ever handy Worcester Calendar of Events and hoped for some inspiration…which occurred when I saw the “Comedy” section.  I chose Wisecracks for a couple of reasons: it cost the least, offered a show special ($10 for a pitcher and large pizza), and, on Saturday nights at least, is found at Jose Murphy’s, brother to the ever popular Funky Murphy’s.  Basically I assumed I’d be getting a good time at a good price!

I love when my assumptions are correct!


Jose’s is located on Water Street, which can be either sketchy or chill.  I hoped for the best and was, again, rewarded, not only with a great parking spot, but also with a chill location.  We got there a little after the show started and wound our way upstairs.  The kid gave us a discount (er, we were $2 short and he told us to just go ahead) and we were treated to over 90 minutes of not-quite-R-rated-but-definitely-not-family-friendly comedy.


The headliner was James Dorsey, a Worcester native, husband, and father of two.  I think you can figure out how the jokes went (and in what order).  For more on Dorsey, you can check out his bio here.

Now was this the best stand-up I’ve ever seen?  Naw.  But for $34, two people get a great evening complete with laughter, crappy beer, and even crappier pizza.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat…and I think you should too!

The Dive Bar

After the comedy show was done, we checked out the beer selection at Jose’s, were disappointed, and headed out.  Neither of us were ready to go home but we were n the mood for some good brews.  Thankfully, between previous conversations with my roomie re: good beer bars and my stellar sense of direction (and google maps), I remembered another great place within walking distance.


Like so many of Worcester’s establishments, The Dive Bar is one of multiple bars owned by the same group/people, in this case Alec Lopez and wife/biz partner Sherri Sadowski.  Both the dive bar and its younger sibling, The Armsby Abbey,  are quiet, nondescript places where beer lovers gather to chat and drink.  The Dive Bar, at least since the opening of Armsby , “specializes in American Craft Brews” from breweries like Dogfish Head, Ommegang, etc  The daily tap selections are handwritten on a chalkboard.  I’m a sucker for any bar that does this, especially if the names of beers are things like “Pretty Things Babayaga.”  <–a rockin American stout BTW.  The only “bad” thing I can say is that they are a cash only bar… =/  I get it because their prices were super reasonable but still…

After The Dive Bar, I got my dancing fix at the Perfect Game and then we gave up our primo parking spot to some lucky contender.  I “napped” on the couch for an hour and eventually managed to make it to my wonderful comfortable bed, completely unaware that my life would forever be changed the next morning with the introduction of those darn waffles.  *sigh*


Kait xo


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