Wednesday Revelations : What if

What if…

instead of asking “What do you do?” we started off conversations with, “What’s awesome in your life?”

instead of complaining, we took the time to inquire, act, and change

instead of numbing out, we learned to breath through our pain, sorrow, and suffering

instead of using conversation as a way to air our dirty laundry, we used it to connect

instead of listening for a break in the other person’s story so that we can jump in, we open our hearts and our ears

instead of saying, “yes” to please someone else, we learned to gently say no

instead of cursing our challenges we look for the lessons in them

instead of jumping into healing others I needed my own healing journey so that I can always stay grounded

instead of ignoring our deepest desires we learn to ask for exactly what we need…and receive that and more

i love you all


Kait xo

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Revelations : What if

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