Thirsty Thursday – Prohibition Style

Friday morning this had to happen:

Yes, that IS over 3 cups of detoxifying, kale-filled smoothie for you.

Why did I indulge in this deliciousness?  Well because Thursday night this happened:



I’ve written about my undying love for Niche Hospitality restaurants before (and here too).  Beau couldn’t make it up for this Bourbon society event and I scrambled to find Worcester-area people to go but once I offered to drive, it was all bets off.

As usual, the folks at Niche created an amazing party.  Live music, scotch tastings, hot and cold hors d’oeuvres (including the most amazing cheese plate and Waldorf salad), and $25 for all-you-could sample punches featuring Dewar’s (the event sponsor) 12 year bourbon.  How could that not be a good?!

Now let’s talk more about the spirits.  When Dewar’s signed on as the event sponsor, two things happened.  One, they sponsored a blind tasting of three 12-year old scotches: Chivas, Johnny Walker, and Dewar’s.  Not to ruin it for you, but that was the order in which we tasted them.  The Chivas was the least smooth, least sweet, heaviest, and most tobacco/smokey.  As you went up the line, they adjusted accordingly.  The Johnny still won my heart because the Dewar’s was just too sweet for my tastes.  Being the lightest and smoothest of the bunch, it also didn’t have that fire to it that will keep you warm on cold lonely nights…  😉  The JW could have been smoother but it was small price to pay to get the fire I crave.  <–take that as you will.  We also received free Dewar’s flasks just for trying.  When the girl came over to give them to us, Kay, Ant, and I all got outrageously excited and hugged her.

True story: We think we’re still in college.  *Shrugs*

The second thing that occurred when Dewar’s signed on was that the head bartender (spirit genius? mixologist extraordinaire?  you choose) tasked each of his bartender’s with creating a punch using their 12 year scotch.  You could either get a mason jar (!) full of one punch for $6 or little glass teacups to try each one (as many times as you’d like) for $25.  You can guess what we chose!  We also got to vote for our favorite punch.  Since we split the $25 three ways, we only got one vote.  In the end it came down to the lemony Baby Maker and the wintery White Christmas. The latter won by default of it being the Christmas season.  All were good and gave us a chance to try different types of drinks that I would a) never think to order or b) simply didn’t know existed.  The most interesting was the Milk Punch. We had no clue what it was, but luckily the bartenders are so knowledgeable that they took us through the process (boiling, removing the curd, straining, and straining some more…or something like that). 

Knowledgeable, calm, and efficient bartenders: just one of the many reasons I keep going back.  The triple Niche Hospitality reward points (for being a Bourbon Society member and visiting on a Thursday) don’t hurt either.  😉

Speaking of awesome bartenders, they were only one part of the reason one friend, who has never been to any of the Niche restaurants, was super impressed by the entire place.  As he put it, “This is the classiest place I’ve been to in Worcester!”  Stick with me buddy, I’m one classy broad.  Ok stop laughing now! Seriously though, I’m a foodie and beer-and-wine snob.  Beau and I judge bars based on the draft selection, followed by food offerings.  The club scene just isn’t for me.  The Niche Restaurants and the free events on the other hand, definitely are.

Now speaking of it being super classy, we were among the youngest people there (if not the youngest).  The three of us didn’t care but this further highlighted my points from above re: being classy having good taste in bars.  Just in case you did for a second get confused about my lack of class, I’m pretty sure every single person thought we were drunk the entire night even though we weren’t.  <–that’s typical when you put a group of Stonehill loves together.   Good drinks + months/years of catching-up + inappropriate touching generally signals that.  For us though, its the sober norm.

After finishing the punches I treated myself to a Maple & Maine.  Kay had to leave so Ant and I stuck around, he flirting with the Dewar’s girls and me enjoying every sip of my perfectly mixed drink.  I dropped him off, headed home, kicked my shoes off, curled up under my snuggie and promptly fell asleep.  In fact, the last thing I remember as I drifted in and out was roomie quietly (and therefore sweetly because he was respecting my couch sleeping) saying goodnight to this monster.

You know you’re jealous of my red counter tops.

Around 3 am I garnered the strength to relocate to my bedroom (because, you know, the other side of my apartment is super far away), texted beau (“Made it from couch to bed #win” haha), and slept until the morning.

Another great thing about being a drink snob: no hangovers.  Well at least not the blinding-headache-nausea-feel-like-you-want-to-die type.  Just the general fatigue of not sleeping well thanks to the alcohol’s effects on your body.

And that brings us right back here.


Kait xo


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