Project Food Budget

I am super excited to announce that as of yesterday, I am officially a blogger with Project: Food Budget!

For this project, I join a number of other bloggers in working towards lowering our weekly grocery bill.  I’m adding in, “while still eating a whole foods, plant-based diet.”  Our fearless leader is Emily Levenson from {Custom Made} Life.  This is her second go with the project and this time, she’s doing it for a full year.  It officially started Oct. 6, so I’m a little behind.  However, since I’ve been trying to achieve the same goal on my own for about as long (with some weeks being more successful than others), I think I’ll still get a full year in!

So what can you expect from this little project?

Every Thursday I’ll be posting about my efforts with the project.  The content will likely vary week-to-week but you can expect some drool worthy food photos (well the food will be drool worthy…I can’t make any promises about the photos!), some number crunching as I show you what I spent saved and how, highlights from my weekly menu, and more.

I have several goals for this project, some of which are informed by my new found couponing addiction habit (I promise to highlight my mad couponing skills in later posts…expect to be jealous).  They are…

  • To spend no more than $30/wk on groceries and $40/wk total on food, health, household, and beauty products.
  • To save as much as, and preferably more than, I spend (effectively doubling my purchase).
  • To never pay full price for anything that comes wrapped in plastic, in a box, or in a bag.
  • To experiment in the kitchen with money-saving projects that I am currently intimidated by (e.g. making my own veg stock and yeast bread) or too lazy to do (e.g. making my own nut butter and flavored nuts).
  • To continue cooking the meals I want!
  • To purchase locally-grown produce whenever possible.  To purchase only organic varieties of the “Dirty Dozen” foods.  <–something I’ve been unsuccessful with.  However locally-grown with minimal-no pesticide use > organic.
  • To purchase packaged foods only from those companies that are ethical, supporters of local business, and, preferably, independently owned (as opposed to, well, not).

These last three goals are not to be at the expense of the first four as right now my primary goal is to save $.  With school in my future, I don’t see this goal changing much over the course of the next year.  I’m truly looking forward to the challenge these goals will present with regards to both budgeting and couponing.  I know there will be times when I have to sacrifice but I am going to do the best I can, live up to my standards, and be satisfied with what I’m doing.

Some other fun facts about me + my eating habits:

  • Everything that comes out of my kitchen is vegan.  95% of the time I follow a whole-foods, plant-based diet but will sometimes indulge in dairy, eggs, non-vegan baked goods, or vegan “junk” food (e.g. flavored nut butters or nuts, pre-made veggie burgers, etc).
  • With few exceptions, I shop and cook for just myself.  When I entertain friends, I do my best to cook from the pantry.
  • I am a recipe tester for a friend’s cookbook and must test at least 3 recipes/wk from the book-to-be.  Some of these must be desserts which means some extra expenses beyond what I normally would purchase (I’m not a HUGE baker)

I think that’s it!  I’m excited for you to join me on this new venture and to share my experiences with you all.  I’ve been trying to find a way to incorporate my couponing adventures here and now this gives me the perfect excuse opportunity.  I hope you will gain something from these posts and enjoy it as much as you have my, shall we say, deeper posts.

Here is a list of the other bloggers involved with the project if you want to check them out!

* Emily Levenson
* Dairy-Free Cooking
* Test Kitchen Tuesday
* Acquired Tastes
* Fit Flexitarian
* Warm As Pie
* Katy Rank Lev
* My Inner Healthy
* Little Blue Hen
* xox, b
* What da Health?
* Project Food Budget 2.0
* Ignition Nutrition
* A Nice Heart and a White Suit
* Because Hobbies Happen
* Primary Focus Health Coaching
* Chicken Tender
* Fresh…A New Chapter
* Whole Living Gal

I’d love your feedback about the project and, if you’re a blogger, feel free to contact Emily to join the project too!


Kait xo

6 thoughts on “Project Food Budget

  1. I love this project and I’m excited to follow along! I’m always trying to keep my grocery bills under control, but have been a little more lax recently with the holidays (hello, specialty items at TJ’s!). For me, a big part of it is simply staying away from Whole Foods, unless I’m only going to buy produce there. I totally get sucked into the salad bar, kombucha, a new moisturizer, and so on. If money weren’t a concern, I would go to town there every week. 🙂

    • Honestly, I struggled with keeping to my budget (which is currently at $50/wk for everything) until I started couponing and realized that I do not have to pay full price for things like tofu, canned beans, crackers, etc. One of my friends helped me find the best sources for coupons for healthy food and from there it took off. I’m lucky that the closest Whole Foods are both ~30 minutes away (Framingham and Bellingham) while Wegmans (which doubles coupons and has a fairly similar selection of products) is only 10. $0.79 tofu, $1.00 almond milk, and $1.19 GF crackers (I’m in love with Crunchmaster) have become a weekly reality! Plus Worcester has a great Mediterranean food store where I can get my dried beans, grains, and high quality, bulk spices for super cheap.

      Oh and I received a Trader’s gift card for Christmas and am being completely UNresponsible with it. Cookie butter…here I come (*aaaaaat laaaaast*)! 🙂

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