Project: Food Budget, Week 14

Missed my intro about the project?  Get brought up-to-date here.

Welcome to Week 14 of Project: Food Budget.  No you aren’t going crazy…I am just getting started on P:FB (in other words, it’s my week 1) but its been going on since Oct 6 so I’m technically starting at Project Week #14.  And so the numbering shall go.

Glad we’re all on the same page with that.  😉

I was feeling pretty decisive earlier this week and concluded that I want to expand these posts by including three additional features.

  • My menu for the week.  Since beginning my budgeting journey (which I briefly mentioned here), I have found meal planning absolutely essential to not overspending.  A meal plan allows me to create a specific grocery list and purchase only those things I need (unless, of course there is left-over $).  Plus, I thoroughly enjoy determining what foods will be featured in my belly on my table for the upcoming week.  As a side note,  95% of the meals I cook will be HH recipes, either from one of her books or from the recipe tester site (Please note, all test recipes will not be given names or descriptions).
  • The best steals and deals I found.  And just because I like ya’ll, I’ll even include links for any of the coupons I mention if they are still available.  Your gratitude is best expressed in the form of baked goods.  😉  I have no intention of turning this into a couponing blog, but if I can help a) teach you where to look for coupons for “these” products (aka fresh, organic, vegan, local, etc) and b) save you a bit of money, I figure its worth it.  Plus ya’ll expressed some interest and I aim to please (but seriously…those baked good are on their way, right?).
  • Some of my favorite companies that possess all, or most, of the things I look for in food companies and whose products I buy regularly (or semi-regularly when I have coupons for them).  This won’t likely be a weekly feature but just something I include on a whim (or if my food and/or coupon stash dictates it).

So basically each P:FB post will be broken down as follows:

  • Intro
  • Weekly Menu
  • Spending Savings
  • Steals & Deals
  • Company of the Week (if applicable)

Hi my name is Kait and I like lists…especially ones I create and can change if necessary.  😉

Weekly Menu

Rather than planning specific meals for specific days, I cook in bulk once or twice a week and eat leftovers.  Test recipes are denoted with a * and can include neither a name nor a detailed description.

Tempeh Meatloaf (EHH) + Side of Carrots + Alexia Olive Oil and Sea Salt fries

Cauliflower Pumpkin Curry (EHH)
Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce and peas (if necessary)

Who said eating a low-fat vegan diet was boring?!  😉

Spending Savings

My budget is $30/wk on groceries and an additional $10 for household (e.g. tissues), and health & beauty items.

Amt Spent, Food: $27.99
Amt Spent, Houshold/HBC: $13.86
Total Spent: $41.85
Within budget? 😦

A second goal is to save as much as if not more than I spend.  This excludes Trader Joe’s since coupons are of limited use there.

Eligible Spending: $21.02
Amt Saved: $14.08
Savings goal met? 😦

I did not do as well as I hope this week because…*drumroll* Wegmans was out of just about all their produce (!) including the Cleaned & Cut items I planned on using this coupon with.  This meant both that I spent more and saved less.  😦  I also left my face wash in NYC over the weekend and therefore had an unexpected HBC purchase of $7.43!  Oh well…I can’t complain too much about going over by less than $2.

Steals & Deals


(2x) Woodstock Organic Sugar: $2.00 (sale price) – $2.00 coupon found here (“Like” on fbook…print as many as you’d like)  = FREE!
Marcal Small Steps TP (12 pack): $6.99 – $1.00 coupon from 10/18 SS = $5.99 ($0.25/roll since the 12 pack = 24 regular rolls)
Old Wessex Instant Oatmeal: $2.69 – $2.00 coupon (same as for Woodstock) = $0.69.
Crunchmaster Sea Salt Crackers: $2.69 – $0.75 cpn (doubled) found here (or use this if your store doesn’t double)

Trader Joe’s

*These are everyday prices from the Shrewsbury, MA store.

Organic Carrots: $0.89/lb
Bananas: $0.19/piece (cheaper than $0.49/lb if you get big ones)
Organic 3-Grain Tempeh: $1.69 (cheaper than Lightlife at Wegmans with my $1.00 cpn)
Pesticide Free, Frozen Wild Blueberries, 16oz: $3.49 (the other bags are cheaper but only 12oz and therefore more expensive per pound)


Say Yes to Tomatoes Face Wash: $9.99 – $3.00 cpn (no longer available) = $6.99!

Company of the Week

Now I could just point to their slogan and settle my case here and now.  I mean, it basically summarizes my views of food and eating and is the reason I stopped eating meat (hint: I didn’t think it tasted good).

Beyond that, though, Woodstock is a local (Providence, RI), independently-owned organic company with a dedication to preserving sustainable farmland and keeping GMOs out of their products.  *Whew*

Here’s more (from their website):”Today we’re 250+ products strong in over ten categories.  Over 70% of our products are domestically sourced and 75% are USDA Organic. We have almost 200 products currently enrolled, and 68 verified with the Non-GMO Project.”  In addition, Woodstock is an officialsponsor of the American Farmland Trust (they’re behind the “No Farms, No Food” bumper stickers), a non-profit that, “promotes local farming efforts in all 50 states…” 

To read more about Woodstock’s commitment to providing non-GMO products, click here.
To read more about Woodstock’s work with AFT,  click here.
To see the Woodstock Family Tree, click here.

I encourage you to check out the Woodstock products with the *ahem* help of the coupon above and see what they’re all about.


Kait xo

I have no affiliation with Woodstock Foods and was not compensated for this post.

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3 thoughts on “Project: Food Budget, Week 14

  1. Hey, you did a fantastic job on the budget!!! And we are both from New England. I’m living in the Lowell MA area! Looks like you are in the Worcester-ish area.

    I wish we had a Wegman’s near us. I know there is one coming to Burlington, but it’s such a pain to get there, with the mall right there. Traffic is horrendous! But I could do a Wegman’s / Trader Joe’s run in one shot and it might work.

    Anyway, welcome to the budget group! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts and good luck next week! whoo hooo!

    • Hi Debbie,

      Thanks so much! I love meeting New England bloggers. I was actually in Lowell last night grabbing dinner at Live Alive and then brews at the Dubliner. I highly suggest Live Alive if you’ve never been. I actually live in Worcester right on the town line with Shrewsbury so Wegmans is only about 10 minutes from me. Based on my trip last night, it would probably be about an hour but if you did a BIG stock up + a TJs stop in Shrewsbury, I think it might be worth it. If you decide to hear out here, I happily will offer my services as Wegmans tour guide. 😉

      Happy Budgeting!

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