A note on wellness, 2

“Before we start our lesson on sugar and other stimulants, let’s get one thing straight: You are sweet enough.  You are sharp enough.  Your holy, natural state is more than enough.  You just think you need that extra boost.  But your body knows exactly how to create it naturally.  Keep it clean and lean.  Dump the crack!

“The real you knows exactly what I mean.  In your original state you ooze magic honey.  Unicorns want to lick you.  Cupcakes and vodka just won’t do.  They distort your connection to your base energy.  A bump, hit, sip, or snack will definitely make you soar for a hot mess of a minute.  But like Icarus flying so high, the race to the sun will burn your wings and drop you on your fat, sugary ass!”



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