Project: Food Budget,Week 20

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Tip of the Week

Today I want to revisit the topic of making your budget work for you.

My food spending was a bit all over the place this week.  While in VT last weekend, I had the chance to shop at some farm stands and purchase local-produced products.  Some of these were things were on my grocery list while others, though they were not, were simply too good to pass up!  By the time beau and I arrived home on Sunday, we were exhausted!  Napping for too long led to a woozy/drowsy/kinda-seemed-drunk Kait which, in turn, led to the following exchange:

Me: “Hooooooneey!  I dooooonnnn’t waaaaannna go to Wegmans.  I only neeeeeed a few things and can get them alllll at Trader’s…”
Beau: “Ok then don’t go.  Just shop at Trader’s.”
Me: “But it’ll be more expensive.”  *pouty face*
Beau: “Look if you only need a few things from Wegmans don’t go. ”

So that’s what I did.  Did I pay more for certain products because I didn’t shop around?  Yes.  Was it worth it for my sanity?  Yes.  Did I still stay on budget?  Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out!  😉

Anyway, back to the tip!  As you’ll see below, only one of my VT purchases is included in my spending.  Huh?  Well, I didn’t include the items purchased off my grocery list because beau paid for them in exchange for me covering our accommodations for the weekend.  <–Teheh I’m one smart cookie budgeting genius!  I also did not include the splurge items I bought because they were my souvenirs from the trip and therefore money for those came out of my discretionary fund.  The only other money I spent on the trip was to cover our accommodations.  Snowshoeing was free.  So was sitting around the house, eating, drinking, and playing Catchphrase.  When I travel I either buy locally-produced food or jewelry.  My splurge foods are someone else’s trinkets.  Same concept, different manifestation.

I operate on the same philosophy when dining out (which I don’t do that often): its an activity, not a necessity, so the money for it comes out of the fun fund!  Eating out is one of the few activities I actually spend $ on since I’m not a big shopper (besides grocery shopping, of course) so if my weekened plans are waffles at WooDaddy + dinner at The Citizen, there’s no way I’m not cutting into my grocery budget!

At the end of the day, this system works for me.  You have to do what’s best for you, so long as its honest and within your means!

Weekly Menu

*Rather than planning specific meals for specific days, I cook in bulk once or twice a week and eat leftovers for both lunch and dinner.  I also eat gleefully devour a green smoothie every morning for breakfast.
*Test recipes for the third Happy Herbivore cookbook are denoted with a * and can include neither a name nor a detailed description.

Leftover Vodka* sauce with penne, chickpeas, and red chard

Mexican dish* similar to a tofu scramble

African plate*

Various reincarnations of this salad (arugula/carrot/avo/onion/black beans/lime juice)

African plate* with quinoa (cooked in broth…OMG I’ll never go back to water!)

  • Parsnip and Toasted Walnut Soup  <–finally made it…so friggin delish and easy and comforting!  This is highly recommended.
  • Mashed potato dish*
  • Paella*

Last but not least…my new fave green smoothie

I use 1Tbs flax, ~1 romaine heart, ~1/2 c peas, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 c milk + water as necessary.
This smoothie is goitrogen-free for those with hypothyroidism.

Spending Savings

*My budget is $40/wk for groceries, household, and H&BC items, with the latter two categories ideally only costing $10 combined.

Trader’s: $27.83
IGA: $3.49

Total: $32.32
Within budget? :D

ALRIGHT!  Truth be told, I would have made it even with the handful of other products I bought…all together they cost less than $10.  Thank the Universe for year-round farm stands!

Steals and Deals

Trader Joes’s

*These are everyday prices from the Shrewsbury, MA store.

Red Veined Spinach (5oz): $2.89
Organic Romaine Hearts (3 pack): $2.79
Organic Arugula (7 oz) $2.69
Bananas: $0.19/piece
Golden Raisins (1lb): $2.69
Rainbow Peppercorns Grinder: $1.99
Fancy Oyster Crackers: $1.99
Corn Tortillas: $1.49
Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes: $1.99 after $1.00 cpn (from company)

Company of the Week

I had a wonderful company I was going to profile but alas…it as past 11 on  Wednesday and I am officially beat!  Between detox symptoms from the cleanse (mostly mental) and inconsistent sleep patterns, bed > Rapunzel for now.  I promise it’ll be worth the wait!


Kait xo

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2 thoughts on “Project: Food Budget,Week 20

  1. Hey Kait, you did good this week, despite the little tease you gave us, making us think you might have went over! hehe.

    that parsnip and walnut soup does sound delish. I need to venture out to more new recipes. I was proud of myself for making a new recipe last night. I’m going to try to remember to make this one too.

    • Tehehe I had to be a LITTLE evil! I have leftover food too…the thing with this cleanse/lifestyle is: all you are eating are veggies with some random carbs. SO you don’t really need to buy much else. Its a HUGE shift in perspective for me but I kind of love it! 🙂

      The soup was DELISH despite the fact that I misread tsp for TBS when putting in the coriander. Whoops. Haha

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