Why I love (and support) the CSD

In general I do not support cleanses.  I think they are unsustainable (kind of like diets) and can even be harmful.  That being said, I adore the CSD and the cleanse.  Today I want to talk about what sets it apart and why I love it so much.

The end of week one is almost here!  5 days counts as a week, right?!

This week has been full of ups and downs.  Day 1 was basically a breeze.  Day 2 brought on a morning-long anxiety attack.  Day 3 saw my mood all over the map.  I was up, down, cranky, exhilarated, energized, fatigued, foggy, and a whole lot of other things. I also wanted sugar.  Badly.  Knowing this was around didn’t help much!


At the end of the day, I was singing (loudly…and out loud) and rocking out to Disney tunes (go ahead: reread that and smile) on my walk home from and in the parking lot outside of the yoga studio.  There were far too many witnesses than is good for my ego! <–Wasn’t yesterday’s affirmation about being a trailblazer and unique?  And didn’t Day 3 say something about letting go of the ninnies in my head?  Hmm…Day 4: more of the same + carb-rich indulgences (paella, crackers, far too many raisins) which then led to stomach aches. *boo hiss*

I’ve been hungry all week, not because I feel deprived but because my body is adjusting to this change and I’m still trying to figure out exactly how much food I need to eat (hint: a lot!). I’ve been fatigued, flirted with constipation (a huge increase in fiber will do that…a little supported bridge with my feet on the floor and all was right with the world), sleeping better than ever, albeit not enough, struggling to focus, being insanely productive, etc.  On the emotional & psychological side, I’ve had revelations and breakdowns, moments of oneness with the universe and mental sabotage while trying to meditate.  I’ve broken through walls and even felt strong enough to rebuild some.

My meditation space & sanctuary *oohhhmm*

And that is the very reason I adore CSD and think it is a valuable cleanse: its about so much more than your body.  I absolutely hate that the word “diet” is included in the title because what Kris lays out is truly a lifestyle.  The book educates, providing the reasons why in the world you’d consider giving up dairy, caffeine, sugar, gluten, meat, and alcohol for 21 days or more…like, ya know, forever.  In addition, there are chapters on non-food related topics like meditation and body care.  In short, the CSD is a guide to a new way of living vitally and wholly, not just healthily.  

The same can be said for the cleanse.  There is only one week’s worth of sample menus plus suggestions on Day 1.  After that, its all about the internal work.  Each day has an focus, prayer, affirmation, and tips to successfully move through detox symptoms and cravings.  At first I was wary because I wanted an easy cleanse: just tell me what to do!  Then I realized the beauty of this way: it teaches the individual how to live this lifestyle independently.  There are no training wheels and this isn’t a quick fix.  Instead, the book provides everything you need to know, including recipes and an extensive resources section.  And if you fall off and skin your knee?  Its totally ok…Kris is gentle and encourages, welcomes, and congratulates any change, no matter how big (omnivore –> vegan; meditating an hour daily) or small (coffee –>green juice; working one or one more day per week).

The cleanse essentially is transitioning you into this lifestyle with loving support.  You might need to repeat multiple times to get “there.”  Then again, your “there” and mine might be totally different!  All I know is that without the mental and emotional support from the book (and my other Crazy Sexy Warriors), this struggle would be so much more.  Its not just my body I’m detoxing: its my whole being.
Find me another cleanse that does that, and maybe I’ll support it.

Until then, you can find me rocking my lotus pose, knocking back veggies galore, and strengthening my spirit.


Kait xo


8 thoughts on “Why I love (and support) the CSD

  1. I think you’ve convinced me to look into this book. I was initially turned off by the “diet” and “cleanse” references on the cover, but it’s good to know it’s more of a lifestyle plan. I’m going to see if my library has it. 🙂

    • I definitely recommend it. I actually met Kris a couple weeks ago (!) and she is just so loving and just wants the best for people. I think the use of the words “diets” and “cleanse” are just to boost ratings…and I can’t say I blame her for doing so! I love her story and my experience with cancer patients has taught me how many “etc” factors play into their overall quality of life (nevermind survival).

      It doesn’t hurt that we have similar political and food views! Its definitely worth the read IMO!

  2. I agree with the previous commenter – a fellow Amanda, to boot! I was actually turned off by Kris in general but have recently picked up reading her blog again and was intrigued by the book. I think this is something I’ll look into when my pregnancy ends. Thanks for sharing your thoughts/experiences about it.

    • Love the Amanda love! And you are welcome! I want to show others that it IS possible without a ton of sacrifice. I’m discovering more new flavors and how wonderful dark chocolate is when you haven’t had it in 4 days.

      I don’t agree with everything Kris says but she is a proponent of taking what works for you and leaving the rest. Its all very yogic to me and I love that! 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I saw this book come up when I was searching for another book at the library web site, and ended up requesting it as well;

    I totally forgot where I first saw mention of it, haha, figures it was from your site, kait!

    Anyway, I don’t know that I would even attempt a cleanse. I’ll have to see about that, but I love reading new books like this.

    🙂 thanks

    • I was afraid to do it alone…I needed accountability. Which is why the Universe sent me to Kris’ page where I found the Crazy Sexy 21 Day Warrior Cleansers group. We all started together last week and we’re working out way through: at different levels, with different struggles, etc. And honestly, I’ve never felt more clear-headed or light. I love it!

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