Project: Food Budget, Week 22

Alright then…ya’ll ready?


Tip of the Week

Make your own salad dressings.  Go crazy…be creative.  Try new crazy combinations that might not work.  Tweak them until they work.  And then brag about them to everyone you know, including your blog followers.  Seriously…just keep reading!

This is a bit short this week for two reasons.  One, this week I met my new obsession: Downton Abbey.  If you’ve not seen this show, avoid it at all costs or else you will become severely addicted.  You’ve been warned!  You may also start talking to yourself in a British accent.  Again, I warned you!  And yes, it is available on Netflix.

Two, I also received oodles of AWESOME sauce amazing news this week that I can’t wait to share with you all!  Let’s just between these two things I got a bit distracted.  We’re all human, right?

Weekly Menu

*Rather than planning specific meals for specific days, I cook in bulk once or twice a week and eat leftovers for both lunch and dinner.  I also eat gleefully devour a green smoothie every morning for breakfast.
*Test recipes for the third Happy Herbivore cookbook are denoted with a * and can include neither a name nor a detailed description.

Another international food week.

I made the best salad this week!  It was Asian inspired because the tofu recipe I tested is Thai and had arugula, arugula & dill sprouts, and green onion plus the most amazing dressing: sesame oil, soy sauce, Sriracha sauce, and Chinese 5 Spice.  <–I promise to post about this soon too since it was completely unknown to me until the first Happy Herbivore cookbook.  Plus s&p to taste, of course.  Amazeballs.

I also had a Mexican-ish one with red leaf, red pepper, carrots, and jicama plus a dressing made of tahini, lime juice, hot sauce, chipotle powder, and s&p to taste.

Spending Savings

*My budget is $40/wk for groceries, household, and H&BC items, with the latter two categories ideally only costing $10 combined.

Whole Foods: $28.72
Trader Joe’s: $13.95

Total: $42.67

I’m also giving this week a giant :D!  I actually ended up having way too much food which is delightful since I have to buy a ton of bath and body stuff and pantry staples (onions, spices, fresh ginger, etc) next week.  I’m honestly in awe of how much food is in my fridge right now!

Eligible Spending: $28.72
Savings: $32.98 (115%)

Steals and Deals

Whole Foods

Olivia’s Organics Baby Arugula (5 oz): $2.99
save 25% (WF sale)
and $1.00 Olivia’s Organics coupon  <–save to your computer and print as often as you’d like!  There’s not even an exp date/
Total Price=$1.99 = $0.40/oz

2 Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (32oz): $2.19
$1.00/2 Whole Foods Coupon, Jan/Feb Whole Deal
$1.00/2 Almond Breeze coupon (no longer available)
Total Price = $2.38 wyb2 = $4.76/gal

Pacific Hazelnut and 7 Grain Milk (32oz): $2/4 (sale price)
$1.00 Pacific Naturals coupon
Total Price = $1.00 = $4.00/gal

DeLallo Organic WW Pasta: $2/4 (sale price)
$1.00 DeLallo coupon (no longer available)
Total Price  = $1.00

Nature’s Path Hemp Granola (26.4 oz): $7.99 and Mesa Sunrise (26.4 oz): $6.99
$1.50/2 Whole Foods Coupon , Jan/Feb Whole Deal
2 $5.00 Munch Money
Total Price = $1.74 each = $0.07/oz! 

I used my remaining two Munch Monies to pick up a box of Heritage Flakes cereals ($4.99) and a box of Pumpkin Spice granola bars ($4.49).  I left the remainder of my coupons (about seven) on and under boxes of cereal and granola bars.  I am hoping they made someone’s day!

Trader Joes’s

*These are everyday prices from the Shrewsbury, MA store.

Bananas: $0.19/piece
Organic Celery Hearts: $2.29
Organic Romaine Hearts: $2.79
Frozen Peas (16oz): $1.29
Frozen Mango (20oz): $2.69
Pitted Olives: $1.49
Baking Soda: $0.99 <–not the best price but with no Wegmans trip, I needed it!

No company this week…its been about 3 hours since I last watched Downton and I’m having withdrawals.

Despite that, I do plan on checking out all of the other P:FB lovelies.  We’ve added several new bloggers in recent weeks and regardless of your family’s size or eating habits, I have no doubt there is one who will resonate with you!

3 thoughts on “Project: Food Budget, Week 22

    • You’re very welcome and thank you for stopping by! Most of my recipes come from the food blogs listed on my Blogroll. I’d highly suggest checking them out for great ideas!

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