Movin’ on Up

Well you all might have noticed (or maybe not) a new image has taken residence in the sidebar.

I’m excited to announce that as of last week, I am officially part of the Healthy Living Blogs community!

To become a member, you simply have to write a blog related to some aspect of healthy living.  This makes for a super diverse community including food bloggers, fitness bloggers, spirituality bloggers, etc.  One of the major benefits of joining the community is to be able to connect with other bloggers in your area (both geographic and topic) because HLB offers a geographic listing of member blogs by country and state.  There are also tons useful posts as well as member-exclusive giveaways.


I’m excited to join the likes of Janetha, Averie, and Chelsey along with hundreds of other bloggers dedicated to living rich, healthy lives.

For more information on becoming part of the HLB community, check out this post.

I know the blog has been full of gratitude this week but I do want to just thank you again for all of your love and support.



2 thoughts on “Movin’ on Up

    • Thanks for being 100 million% love worthy! And no problem…when you’ve lived in MA long enough you just pick up on these things…or starting asking how to pronounce seemingly normally spelled cities just because. 😉

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