Week of Passion – Behind-the-Scenes at Convention 2012

Welcome to the first ever Week of Passion!

Each day I’m going to cover a different topic related to Passion Parties, our Convention, or Passion in general.  I’ve only written about my biz a handful of times so I’m excited to explore this topic in more depth with all of you.

Today I’m going to give you a behind-the-scenes look into convention!  I’m secretly hoping some of you maybe so impressed that you say, “Hey girlfriend…I want that lifestyle!  Sign me up!”  Ok…secret’s out!

This year’s Convention theme was “Get the Party Started”  and party we did!  Having just finished my cleanse, I didn’t do too much drinking because I knew a) my alcohol tolerance would be nonexistent, b) my sugar tolerance is dooown, and c) I wanted to fit into my clothes come Wednesday.  <–I learned that last one the hard way last year.  😦  Even more, I wanted to prove to myself that I could mostly stick to my healthy habits while on the go and in situations where I wasn’t in control of the food choices.

Sunday was our annual team costume party and I happily enjoyed my Avocado Slush (see below).  One of our leaders’ hubbies went as Snow White (yes you read that correctly) and we were all his dwarves.  I was more wood nymph but hey…my legs look good.

Chaos 1

Chaos 2

Eventually we all made our way up to the hotel’s rooftop club (talking our way in since we definitely weren’t in dress code) where we proceed to tear up the dance floor, PP style!

Monday was our first of two awards dinner where Corporate honors new leaders in the company plus others who’ve reached milestones with their sales and/or sponsoring.  AKA we get fed a catered meal and spoiled with goodies like diamonds and iPads.  Oh and these hunks come for a visit!


Not sure who I'm sassing here...

Tuesday was our annual team trip to Freemont St.  This is in old Vegas and has the largest screen in the world.  There’s also a zipline, lots of casinos, a McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme, and, oh wait, places to get ginormous drinks.  Highlights from this year included getting kicked out of McDonald’s for having alcohol, performing ridiculous dares (see below), and, of course, dancing on the bar at Hogs & Heifers.  Did I mention that we have party buses as transportation?  Oh yea…forgot about that!  😉

Waiting for the buses!

My dare? Teach 3 people a dance!

Cotton Eyed Joe it is then!

Thanking them...or just showing off my bum? 😉

Tehe  And, of course, Wednesday was our big awards dinner: Night of the Stars.  We celebrated the best of the best on Wednesday…and more ridiculousness ensued, of course.

Wednesday night post-dinner we all just hung in our pjs and ate junk food and did team bonding.  I might have consumed too much Jack Daniels…but just maybe.  😉  I think I slept for a total of 20 hours the entire time…when you only see your team once per year, you make the most of every loving + blissful second together.

During the days, when I wasn’t walking to Chinatown for those slushes + veg food, we trained with leaders in the field such as Dr. Sadie Allison (look for my review of her latest book this week!) and Dr. John Gray (author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) as well as the fabulous Alison Levine.  All three were incredibly dynamic, engaging, and informative.  Don’t let Dr. Gray’s geeky appearance put you off –  we all had crushes on him by the end of the speech!  Both Sadie and Alison are hot little tickets who are kicking ass and taking names while showing that you can be powerful and sexy.  Yes I just wrote that.  Haha

And of course there was the Breakthrough Experience with Brian Biro.  This is the last formal activity we share as a company and it is, by far, the most powerful.  I sobbed last year when it was my turn to break my (1-in, solid wood) board and again this year as I realized just how much of Brian’s lessons and my experience had manifested unknowingly in my life over the past year.  Its incredibly empowering, inspiring, and life-changing.  You literally see people transform before your eyes. 

To this day my board sits on my dresser with my zipline wristband pinned through it (fear of flying breakthrough).  Clearly these are my photos from last year…the experience is far too intimate to share for others.  Lots of tears and absolutely unforgettable.  If you ever have the chance to train with Brian, do not pass it up for anything.  Oh and I am taking full bragging rights and letting you know I broke that SOB on my first try.  I won’t, however, tell you what overwhelming fear I broke through.  Lets just say less than 1 year later, Hopkins came in and proved that my journey is complete, for now.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the biggest party of the year!  Since I missed Monday, I’ll be putting up my book review a little later today so stay tuned!


Kait xo

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