Week of Passion – Notes on Wellness

Thanks for all your kind comments on yesterday’s posts.  I was a little hesitant about how you all would feel about my Week of Passion posts since it is a pretty big departure from the norm here at y/b/l so I truly appreciate the encouragement!

In my Convention re-cap post I mentioned how I had the opportunity to train with some amazing individuals.  Since Wednesdays are typically days for revelations, I wanted to share some of the amazing things I learned from these speakers.  I’m going to do a quick intro of each before highlighting my favorite quotes from their presentations.  The common theme: passion.

Dr. Sadie Allison


Dr. Sadie Allison is the author of several sex how-to books including Tickle Your Fancy, Tickle His Pickle, and her latest book, Tickle My Tush which I reviewed yesterday.  She is the founder and CEO of Tickle Kitty Inc which both published her books and her line of lubricants.  She is “America’s Pleasure Coach” and the mission of her work is to help people have more powerful orgasms (Source).  One of the many reasons I love her is her belief that knowledge = power and that our brain is, indeed, our biggest and most powerful sex organ!  Seeing her speak left me beyond starstruck because she is as intelligent, engaging, and sexy as the photo above and her writing implies.

Here are my favorite bits of information that Dr. Allison shared with us during her presentation.  These are not direct quotes because I paraphrased extensively in my notes.  That being said, absolutely all material belongs to Dr. Allison.

  • Every clitoris is different.  <–aka, don’t assume that what worked on the last girl will work on the next!
  • Because the clitoris and penis come from the same tissue, you need to start thinking of one like the other, especially when it comes to touching/licking/caressing each.
  • It is ok to have a conversation with your partnerbefore you get busy to let your partner know, “Hey, I need 20 minutes to warm up…let’s do this and let’s do that.  Not only will it let me relax, everything will feel better for you too!”
  • “Explore new things because that is what keeps Passion alive”…if you don’t like it, it’s ok!  Just be open to trying new things and experimenting to find what you like.
  • The factors which affect male pleasure include the following: lubrication, grip, speed, stroke, angle, warmth, rhythm, and variety.  *whew*
  • “Hands are some of the best toys we have.” <–amen to that!

Dr. John Gray


Dr. Gray is the author of the well-known, well-read, and oft-quoted Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.  He is geeky to the max and I love every second of it!  All I knew about his famous book was that many a divorced women had read it and it was about communication. To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to his presentation because I mistakenly thought the whole book was just about the differences between how the sexes communicate.  Then he brought out the big guns: hormones + sex + neuroscience + pleasure and I realized just how valauble is work is!  He captivated the entire audience with his extensive knowledge, spot-on personal stories, and geeky humor.  I challenge you to find one consultant who didn’t have a total geek crush by the end of his talk…any man who willingly tells you about the first time he went down on a girl (because she told him it felt good) is a keeper!

Anyway, here are my favorite (paraphrased) quotes from his keynote speech. Again, all material is the property of Dr. Gray.

  • The hormones that help us have better sex are the same ones that promote longevity.
  • “Every form of sexuality…if you look into history…everything was ok at some time.”  <–another amen!
  • “Women’s bodies are full of circles and curves.”  <–again do you see why I love him?!
  • For women, its about building up sexual tension and releasing it through orgasm; men are walking around with sexual tension.
  • The hormones released through arousal are those that allow us to be the best we can be.
  • “We have to go beyond the definition that an orgasm means sex works.”
  • Women can’t just shift gears from thinking about all of their responsibilities to jumping into bed and not thinking about anything.
  • “Having orgasms is one of the healthiest things you can do.”
  • A women’s sexual response has many phases so you can’t expect the same response every time.
  • Women can do it all but we need a man’s help so we don’t!

Alison Levine


Alison Levine was probably my favorite speaker not because she taught about sex but because of her engaging, dynamic presentation and her ability to bring together her experiences climbing peaks with our work.  She was another huge surprise…most of us hadn’t even heard of her before and then she totally rocked the stage!  In addition to having climbed the highest peak on every continent (yes, that includes Antarctica) she is a professor at West Point, trains jobless women in Africa to be trekking guides and porters, is the founder of Daredevil Strategies which
addresses the topics of creating cohesive teams, taking responsible risks and developing no-nonsense leaders that can succeed in times of uncertainty” (Source).  So while her talk wasn’t about sex and she’s no sexpert, girl has heart and passion and wants to share that.  And that, in my opinion, is what Passion Parties is all about!

So here are my fave quotes from Ms. Levine!

  • Fear is ok…its a normal human emotions.  Complacency is what will kill you.
  • Sometimes, no mater how good or prepared you are, thins go wrong.  Tragedy forces you to do one of two things: give up or pull together.
  • “Storms are always temporary.”
  • “We don’t know if we can make it but we do want to try.”
  • “Just because something’s been done that way for years doesn’t mean it is the best way or most productive way or the way it should be done.”
  • Rise to the challenge…ask the question.
  • “Sometimes I think you don’t need absolute clarity to keep putting one foot in front of the other.”
  • You have to push yourself on peaks and weather storms if you ever want “that” view.
  • Do your best but remember that there are always more mountains to climb and that you are going to do even better!

I have many more notes from these speakers that undoubtedly will influence my writing and my business but wanted to share with you the best of the best.

Did any of these quotes hit home for you?  Which is your favorite?


Kait xo


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