Project: Food Budget, Week 28

Hi there!  My name is Kait and I’m the, once again, long-lost blogger here at y/b/l.  Its a pleasure!  😉

For real…I’ve been a bad blogger (or bad bear as one of my friend quips).  At first I was feeling guilty about my lack of posts but then I realized that, right now, my focus is just slightly shifted to move number 1 (home to momma’s house in CT for 4-6 weeks).  I’m finishing up one job, trying to pack up (hahaha), focus on my biz, maintain a healthful and budget-friendly lifestyle, committing myself to my coaching program, and get in quality time with my loved ones around here.  *Whew*  So yes…this wonderful child of mine will be slightly on the back burner for a couple more weeks.  Thank for understanding!

Now that we’re reacquainted…

Weekly Menu

Featuring meals from the past several weeks!  🙂

Spending Savings

Whole Foods: $26.45
Trader’s: $7.84
The Living Earth: $6.27
New Morning: $9.99

Total: $50.55

Eligible Spending: $36.44
Savings: $22.92 (63%)

Here I go again going over…and that doesn’t even include the additional $ I spent on food for Easter!  *sigh*  I’m past being down and out about going over but I do recognize the need to get my spending back in control.  Since I am moving in two weeks, my goal is to cook primarily from my pantry and only purchase fresh foods.  Here’s to creativity!

Steals and Deals

Ongoing deals are marked with an asterisk*. 

Whole Foods

Asparagus: $2.99/lb (save $1/lb)
Vine-Ripened Tomatoes: $2.99/lb (save $1/lb)
*Ataulfo/Champagne Mangoes: 5/$5 (save $0.99 each)
Raw Cashews (bulk): $9.49/lb (regular price)

*Food Should Taste Good Kettlecorn Tortilla Chips: 3/$7 (reg $3.19)
$1.00 FSTG coupon
Total Price = $1.33

New Morning <–a new natural & organic grocery store in Woodbury, CT!

Justin’s Nut Butter Packets: 2/$1

Yogi Tea: 2/$6
$1.00 Yogi Tea coupon (no longer available)
Total Price = $2.00

Nature’s Path EcoPacs: $5.99 (reg. $7.49)
$1.00 Nature’s Path coupon
Total Price = $4.99

Woodstock Organic Raw Walnuts (4.5 oz): $4.99
$1.00 Woodstock Coupon (no longer available)
Total Price: $3.99 <–in hindsight, not the best deal!

Trader Joe’s
These are everyday prices from the Shrewsbury, MA store.

Avocados (4-count): $3.49 = $0.87 ea
Organic Romaine Hearts: $2.99
Bob’s Red Mill Ground Flax: $2.69
Ground Cinnamon (my fave!) = $1.99
Alcohol-free Vanilla Extract (4oz) = $3.99

Check out my other budget friends!  We have all different budgets, eating styles, and family sizes so there is something for everyone.


Kait xo

6 thoughts on “Project: Food Budget, Week 28

  1. I love all the food pics, esp the Brussels sprouts love! I’ve had the same guilt about not posting frequently enough, but I think we have to remember that sometimes living life takes priority over writing about life. If you’re busy, you’re busy. We’ll miss you but you can always come back any time you want! That’s the awesome thing about blogging. 🙂

    Good luck on the move!

    • Thank you for your kind words. That is the point where I am at…with both blogging and budgeting. I’m spending a lot of time focusing on ME right now because this transition is proving incredibly hard and manifesting in so many ways, many of which are physical. So I’m checking out and checking in ll at once. And honestly, comments like this make me so honored and happy to be a part of the (healthy life, food, and budgeting) blogging world.

      As for the Bsprouts…I linked the recipes in last week’s P:FB post. I HIGHLY recommend checking them out on 🙂

  2. Hey, just think about all those prior weeks that you were within budget, give yourself a break. You’ll get back to where you need to be! Good luck with your move and transition!

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