Notes on Wellness, Part 6: Nutrition and Healthcare with T. Colin Campbell


This past Sunday was the annual Worcester VegFest.  It was my first year attending but from what I saw and what others told me, it was the best yet.  There were over 50 vendors, tons of food to both sample and purchase, a great play area for families coming with little ones, and an outstanding lineup of speakers, including the one and only Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

True story: I swooned when I saw him.  Think Bradley Cooper-worthy swooning.  The beau didn’t know what happened because one minute we were walking in the front doors and the next minute I was full blown freaking out.  I could barely stand after I shook his hand because I was so excited/inspired/in awe.  It was amazing and fantastical and all things good.  *sigh*

Now that I’m done rhapsodizing, lets get on with the notes, eh?!  The good doctor’s lecture was on the healthcare crisis in the US and what nutrition’s got to do with it!  He summarized a lot of his own work as it related.  All in all, it was wonderful and I definitely learned a ton.  I have a handful of critiques that I think only a scientist would have picked up on, the largest of which was that some of his conclusions and analyses were given in a vacuum despite his encouragements to not look at nutrition that way.  I think its a fallacy we all fall into when choosing data to present.

With that being said, here are some direct quotes and jotted notes, provided with limited commentary.

Related to Supplementation

“Nutrients out of context don’t work [but] nutrition works spectacularly when nutrients are consumed as food.”
Supplements are not nutrition, they are pharmacology.  <–so obvious but I feel this often goes ignored!

Related to Cancer Development

“The thing that leads to cancer is what you do with these seeds [the wonky genes] once they’re planted […] You have to fertilize them.
Cancer growth is controlled by nutrition because nutrition controls gene expression.

On Nutrition

“Nutrition acts not by one, but by a symphony of mechanisms.
“Nutrients act phenomenally well wi
thin whole, plant-based foods.”
“The vast majority of hypothetical cause-effect associations favoring less disease reflect the nutrient composition of plant-based foods.”

The ideal percentage of fat and protein intake is between 9 and 11% each.  This happens to be the precise percentages found in most plants (exceptions include things like coconut, avocado, nuts, and seeds).  In animal models, higher percentages of protein intake actually are associated with increased risk of cancer.  However, when these percentages are adjusted, the gene expression changes to prohibit cancer growth.  Seriously, how effing cool is that?!

The Benefit of Treating Illness Using a Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet

  1. Broad effects (can prevent, suspend or cure most diseases <–not 100% sure I agree with this)
  2. Quick acting (effects are seen within a couple days to a couple of weeks)
  3. Vital (deaths are prevented)
  4. No known side effects <–w00t!

And my favorite quote from the entire presentation: “This body has an amazing wisdom.” Cheers to that!

All in all, Vegfest was the perfect way to kick-off my birthday week.  Oh yea, did I forget to tell you that on this day 24 years ago I came into the world?   Happy Birthday to meeeee!!!!  Legend has it I was so eager to shine that a) it was too late for any pain meds (love you Mom!), b) I came fast, and c) the doctor almost dropped me because of b.  Not too much has changed and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

short hair circa May 2010


Kait xo

PS Keep your eyes peeled for a fantastic foodie giveaway later this week.  For reals…you won’t want to miss this.  xo

6 thoughts on “Notes on Wellness, Part 6: Nutrition and Healthcare with T. Colin Campbell

  1. I’m so bummed I wasn’t able to go to this! And you got to shake T. Colin Cambell’s hand?! He’s kind of like a celebrity to me too.

    Did you happen to hear Kathy Freston’s talk? I just picked up her Veganist book from the library, but I haven’t started it yet.


    • Yes…I SHOOK HIS HAND. I could barely walk after! Hahah

      The room was super crowded and I really wanted more free samples so I didn’t see Kathy speak. I know she was interviewed by one of the Hen House girls. For the Love of Kale and Tye Die Files did comprehensive overviews.

      And THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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