The Big Bday Recap, Pt 1

Happy Monday lovelies!  I hope you spent your weekend being productive, relaxing, and spending time with the ones you love.  🙂

For those who missed it, I turned 24 last week (Tuesday, to be exact)!  I spent the entire week celebrating, starting with Worcester VegFest and ending with a night out with my girls.  I can hands down say that this was the best birthday ever!  Thank you to everyone for your well wishes and for coming out and celebrating with me.  🙂

Last Sunday (April 15) was the Worcester VegFest.  Think great food, great company, and an absolutely awesome photographer. 

I should be professional photographed all the time, no?  😉

I met T. Colin Campbell, bought some awesome gear, saw old friends, made new ones, and ran into this other (awesome) girl named Kaitlyn who also lives in Worcester.  The beau enjoyed every second and there was lively conversation all around.  I, admittedly, was a bad food blogger and have no pictures but will happily fill you in on my newly discovered obsessions.

I have a confession to make: I think Daiya tastes like plastic.  These Shreds on the other hand…to-die-for.  You can bet I’ll be doing a giveaway with those soon!  I’ve sent e-mails to all my local natural grocers (and by local I mean those local to me currently in MA, those soon-to-be-local to me in CT, and those kinda-soon-to-be-local to me in Baltimore).  They are the closest thing to real cheese that I have ever tried and I am so excited to make Averie’s Mango Basil Personal-Sized Tortilla Pizzas.  Especially since this guy was one of my bday gifts:

Yes that is pizza stone you see…

My love for Theo runs so obviously deeply that they asked me to be the rep at the CT VegFest this upcoming weekend.  Unfortunately, I’m a busy Passion Diva and have not one but two parties to do.  <–Like that’s a bad thing?!  Plus there’s that pesky little thing called moving.  Ugh.  Anyway this is new bar and it was outstanding!  Nice and dark with a little saltiness to calm even the most angry/tearful/frustrated/etc/etc/etc PMS-er.

Ok so I admit: these kind of suck.  They don’t do a good job of grabbing on to things but at the end of the day I’m still happy I invested in them.  Its an easy and cute solution to remaining sustainable while eating on the go.  And it comes with chop sticks.  Need I say more?

Monday was Patriot’s Day aka Marathon Monday aka a day off.  <–I’m going to miss this random MA holiday!  It also happened to be warm (hot?) and sunny and perfect.  I relaxed and cooked and started packing and went to yoga and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Tuesday was my actual birthday!  It began with a wonderful bday breakfast of oats and mango + coconut <–my new obsession, continued with a free lunch from the department for Admin Professionals Day + a long walk with one of my besties, and ended with a 5 course wine dinner at The People’s Kitchen with the beau.

The dinner spread.
Drink #1…some hard apple cider deliciousness

Course 1: Cajun Blackened Tofu with a Citrus Jicama Salad

Course 2: Arugula and Pear Salad with Pecans + Tarragon Vinaigrette

Course 3: Assorted Grilled Veggies over Cherry Infused Wild Rice Pilaf

Course 4: Saute of Exotic Mushrooms + Roasted Cipollini Onions, Parsnip Potate Puree, and Cab Sau Tomato Sauce

The wine left before dessert came (from l to r): 2008 Merlot, 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010 RieslingCourse 5: Mint-Infused Fruit Salad

This Wine Dinner was the best experience ever.  For $45 pp, you get everything I just showed you plus the un-photographed charcuterie, cheese, and fruit spread!  My menu varied a bit from everyone else’s because the chef happily, and rather skillfully I might add, adapted the menu for my plant-based ways.  Before each course was served, we were given information about the wine we were about to drink as well as the food we were about to eat and how the two complemented each other.  Once the chef finished addressing the group as a whole, he would come to explain my meal to me. I felt super special!  At the urging of our table mates, he even led the entire dinner in singing to me.  As you can imagne, I loved every second.

The service, as usual, was impeccable, from the amount of attention given to the knowledge shared.  If there is one thing the Niche Hospitality Restaurants know how to do, its how to treat their patrons…and make ridiculously good food and drink.  Yea, I couldn’t choose between those two!

After dinner we hung out at the bar downstairs and had a couple more drinks…the night starts to get a little fuzzy there since, as you see above, I had six drinks at dinner alone.  What I do remember though is lots of laughter, lots of wine, and some fantastic conversation, including a bit about whether we or the other couple were swingers.  When I’m around, any topic is up for grabs!

It honestly was the most perfect birthday I could have imagined.  I woke up the next morning smiling despite the fact that my little friend the drummer man had once again taken residence in my frontal lobe and my balance and coordination were non-existent.  The staff at TPK did such a good job with the whole dinner, my meal specifically, and making me feel special.  I wouldn’t have changed one thing.  And honestly, when you have good food + good wine + good company, why would you want to?

Start of the nightAbout halfway through


Kait xo

10 thoughts on “The Big Bday Recap, Pt 1

  1. Yay, glad you had a great day!

    I can’t figure out the brand name of that cheese you are raving about. No link that I can see, and google isn’t helping me. Can you help!?

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