The Great Baltimorean Apartment Hunt

Quit job.

Party in Natick.

Party at Mohegan.

Drive back to MA.



Zumba/bjs/laundry/more laundry/more laundry/pack/shower.


Pass out.

Apartments 1-3…one is a possibility.



Laugh. Smile. Reminisce. Share.

Find happy hour.

Become impressed by Bmore’s veg options.

Get earplugs.

See apartments 4-?? (I think it was 13).

Fall in love.

Have my heart broken.

More amazing veg food.

Hours of tears.  Indecisiveness.  Darkness.


Talk it out.

Late night calls.

New opportunities.

Fall in love.

Have my heart broken.

Eat Chipotle. <–mmm

Road trip.

Think.  Worry.  Question. Fear.

Arrive home.

Chat with my angel of fire.

Ground. Breathe.  Relax.

Play with the ego.

Decision made.

I hope Mount Washington is ready for the DIVA.  You all have a standing invite to monthly pot-lucks.  Bring your laundry and something delish.


Kait xo



3 thoughts on “The Great Baltimorean Apartment Hunt

    • 🙂 Luckily since I’ve started couponing I can exert control in WF because I totally know that I can get most anything there for free…and with the $ I’m saving on other products, its ok if I splurge on one or two specialty items!

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