Thank you + blog updates

First of all, thank you so much for your kind words about yesterday’s post.  To be honest, I was terrified to hit publish but am so happy I did.  The support rolled in both here and on Fbook and I again was reminded how blessed I am to have so many wonderful people in my life.

Secondly, how beautiful is the view from my former deck?  *Sigh*  I have a set of three  of the exact same photos that I need to get printed and framed for my new apt…where I have a balcony but certainly no lakeside view.  Pictures are forthcoming, promise.

Now onto today’s topic…

Welcome to another reno of y/b/l.  Fresh. Clean. Simple. Bright. Airy.

Most things my current situation isn’t. <–more on that tomorrow.

Last night I was feeling bored…and inspired.  What a combo!  Maybe because the sun had finally made an appearance…or because its spring…or because I’m moving…but I felt the blog needed an update.  Something less cluttered and busy and more sharp and crisp.  I got really saucy and even updated by About page.  What can I say?  I was feeling the need for change…or rather, change that I initiated and am 100% in control of…unlike everything else where I can “only” control my response.  <–as if that isn’t everything.  Since my blog never talks back and lets me try on as many themes as I’d like before deciding, I thought it was the perfect project.  If you ask me, blogging is a pretty perfect companion.  😉

For reals…I’ll stop being all cryptic and metaphysical now.  I promise it’ll make more sense tomorrow…either that or I’m just trying to lure you back!  <–please say my New England sarcasm + wit (?) are getting through!  Tehe 


Kait xo

P.S. Doesn’t the white background just make my pictures pop more though?  Oh and I can’t wait to share pictures from mom’s house where I can a) shoot in natural light and b) have awesome surfaces to shoot on.  My photography still has a long long way to go but I can at least appreciate having a place to shoot that isn’t bright red…as much as I truly did love those counter tops…

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