Living the Good Life

I have to admit: this break is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I’m currently in Newport, RI with one of my besties.  I’m her housewife for the week which means I really need to go do those dishes that are in the sink.  But there’s always time for dishes when you have a whole day to do whatever you want.

Like devote 4 hours to reading (and completing) The Hunger Games.

Or taking 15 minutes to do wall squats and push-ups because of this article<–I ❤ Leo

Or watching movies on Netflix.

Or watching awful TV on Hulu (GCB, Don’tTrust the b in Apartment 230

Or shopping for apartment stuff.

Or meditating + yoga practicing.

Or going upside down in said yoga practice.  <–I did it I really did!

Or taking last minute trips to NYC because your plans fell through and your beau is there and the Rangers are winning!

Or reading blog after blog until your eyes go a little funny.

Or sleeping until 10 or later every day.

Because I can.

That has been my motto over the past couple of weeks.  And as one yoga teacher put it, “If you can, you must.”  <–Amen to that.

I’m living the good life.  And I”m enjoying every second of it…relishing in it.  Loving that I have a chance to see those I love…and that I can do it on my schedule because its always open when they are.  Loving that I get to give back a little while still doing me.

But the truth is, I’ve also been avoiding the things that need to get done.  Like my loan paperwork.  And the very things that will move my biz forward.  Or I’ll take a tiny step and then stop, overwhelmed with all I have to do..and the greatness which will come from taking those steps.

So the good life is good.  But it isn’t perfect.  <–that whole bit about power and responsibility.  But I don’t regret it for a second.  And its the perfect time to do some mental self loving (minds outta the gutter please folks) and transform my thoughts.

For those days when I don’t get everything done, even though I tried.

For those times when I make a mistake.  Or the outcome I longed for does come to be.

For those days when I do my best but my best isn’t good enough.

For those days when I look at my bank account and wonder if I’m going to make it work next year.

And for those days when I’m just plain lazy (its 2:30 and I still haven’t gotten out of my pjs).

Welcome to the good life.  Its not without a price, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Kait xo



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