One Week : Newport, RI

Entrance gate to the Breakers Mansion.

Newport, RI is known for many things.  Its famous mansions dazzle, the Cliffwalk leaves you breathless (so I’ve been told), and the International Tennis Hall of Fame ensures plenty of preppy eye candy for all genders and sexual orientations.  Its ritzy, its preppy, its glamorous…and home to one of my besties.

It also is where I lived for most of last week while I played house wife, slept in, drank too much, chatted late into the night, and read enough smut to make up for my lack of smutty reading till this point.  Toss in a hefty dose of yes, this is real life work (read: grad school loan stuff + client cataloging) and I’d say last week was 100% successful!  🙂

Last Monday night I drove up to the beau, spending the night at his apt en route to the Woo en route to Newport.  <–because clearly just going to Newport would have been too easy  I had a perfect Tuesday that started with yoga at my now “old” studio and concluded with my arrival in Newport.  In between I did both a Wegmans (*swoons*) and a Whole Foods run, picked up the clothes I had left at the tailor back in April (whoops!), ate Chipotle (*mouthgasm*), and visited my favorite bird (aka picked up the random stuff I left in my apt…like my razor…and my Christmas tree).

How can you not love that face?

I arrived “in time” for Glee…and by that I mean the bestie and I spent our first hour together catching up and then I missed the first half of the show because I was cooking up some deliciousness. Unless otherwise noted, the following photos are all courtesy of Trina.

Sweet & Sour Tempeh with Steamed Broccolini
(Everyday Happy Herbivore)

For all the tempeh-haters out there (I definitely fall in this category): this is the recipe for you!  Something about the homemade sweet & sour sauce just complements the tempeh so perfectly and cuts its characteristically “nutty” taste.  No overpowering tempeh flavor in this recipe!  Oh, and if you’re wondering why broccolini?  Well WF had it on sale.  Couponing is all about the flexibility people!

Most days I slept until around 10 11 then spent the day catching up on TV, cooking food, reading smut, and doing some work.  Wednesday, however, was a day of discovery.  First up, a killer perfect class at Newport Power Yoga.


I did a Heated Vinyasa Flow class with Mary Leonti, a self-proclaimed alignment-junkie.  We were sweating buckets within 10 minutes as we worked on our integrated strength <–twas the theme this week…much to the chagrin appreciation of my thighs and abs and I left feeling totally wiped and totally exhilarated.  My excitement only increased when I visited Newport’s Natural Food grocer and found this waiting for me on the shelf.


Admittedly, I went in just looking for a raw drink to re-energize myself with.  Raw drink/raw dessert…same difference, right?  I also picked up some Laurel Hill Pumpkin Seed Tortilla Chips which were out of this world.  Especially when dipped in sunflower seed butter.  Then again, what doesn’t taste better dipped in some sort of nut or seed butter?

Skillet Frijoles Negros, Arroz Amarillo, and Southwest Chop Salad with homemade Chipotle dressing (all EHH except dressing)

Thursday’s big adventures included the lunch you see above, an amazing call with my angel of fire and a Thirsty Thursday trip to Pour Judgement…where we ate fries for dinner, drank lots of beer, had “inappropriate” conversation (only by other people’s standards), and found this awesome sign.


We might also have scored free beer + swag from the Widmer rep.  <–perks of your bestie being an Oregon native

Things I like about this photo: swag + killer cheekbones (thanks mom)

Waking up on Friday was a bit rough…so I just kept going back to sleep.  😉  Eventually, with the help of some detox tea + hard-hitting reality (those darn loans again), I pulled my shit together so my wifey-for-the-week, another friend, and I could make it over to The Newport Storm Brewery for their weekly Fridays at Six bash.  50 people (max), 1.5 hours, all the beer you can drink.

Beer #1.

No we didn’t drink it all…

Ruby’s for dinner + dancing downtown and it was a perfect Friday.  Saturday saw another yoga class (Heated Power Vinyayasa with the soft-spoken, inspiring, and encouraging Victoria Lockard), kitchen photo shoots, homemade biscuits, and massive fear conquering.

Wifey and I: the baker and the chef ❤

I still can’t believe I made it over this beast…


TangentMost people don’t know but I’m terrified of bridges.  I was always a bit wary of them and then high school physics, completed with its video of old bridges and their ability to do the worm, occurred, leading to a full-on phobia.  I’ve gotten better over time and can handle most of them as a passenger and if I know they’re coming and what they look like. <–thank you Google images  I could even drive over some (like the Whitestone in NY and one of the ones going to the Cape).  But the Newport one – I’ll go the 5 extra miles + 20 extra minutes to avoid it thank-you-very-much.

But Saturday afternoon the sun was shining.  I had just spent a perfect week with the perfect company and I was continuing the awesomeness by meeting up with a friend for food + a Passion bday Party.  I literally decided last minute at the intersection…and then just did it.  And by “just did it” I mean I put on blinders, death-gripped the wheel, chanted “I am safe” over and over and totally broke down once I made it off the second bridge.

But hey I made it over right?

What’s the best week you can remember?  Do you have any somewhat-irrational-but-totally-justified fears?


Kait xo


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