Current Obsessions

Obscene Life <–beautiful people alert

This trailer.  <–Channing, marry me?

Fishs Eddy for dishware, glassware, flatware, and serverware.  <–their line, not mine

Click to buy. 😉

To fuel my Once Upon a Time obsession, even in the off-season

Miss Smart’s ridiculously witty writing + amazing recipes.  <–try not to drool when you look at her nutty butters

Chinese Botanical moisturizer from Kiss My Face.  It leaves my skin so super duper soft without feeling greasy or making me smell overpowering.

Half-moon pose.

This chocolate which you will find absolutely impossible to resist.  <–why oh why aren’t you vegan??? *le sigh*

Chocolate Covered Katie’s Cookie Dough Dip.

Our Rejuvenating Brown Sugar Scrub.

It doesn’t look like much but coconut oil + brown sugar = baby smooth, frosting-scented skin. 😉

The 9-5 Guide to Staying Active  <–and really anything Leo posts on his site

These trilogies:

A little late to the game but I finally made it. 😉

You expected this, right?

Chris Salvatore

Link is definitely NSFW

And on that note, I bid you adieu.


Kait xo

Updated: Apparently this blog topic was the trend of the week among healthy food bloggers.  Little did I know when I wrote this on Sunday that I’d be joining the ranks of Chelsey and Ashley by highlighting my favorite things.  Their posts had better photos…but mine has a sexy man.  Guess we’ll call it a draw!  😉


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