On Procrastination

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Let’s get the truth out of the way first: I’m writing this post as a form of procrastination.  I might tell myself its because I don’t want you my lovely readers to feel unloved, and that statement certainly is true of its own accord, but fact of the matter is: I’m procrastinating.

I haven’t talked a ton here on my blog about my coaching program but one of the biggest things it has given me is the gift of awareness.  I started on my journey towards the examined life just under a year ago and Your Soul’s U was the perfect next step.  It has been my anchor during my time of transition, the inspiration I needed to take the next steps, and so much more.  I have begun to see how my patterns of behavior either serve or do not serve my goals and taken the initial steps to refresh any detrimental behaviors.

It hasn’t always gone smoothly.  And since we already know I’m currently procrastinating, you can tell that every moment presents a new chance for me to decide whether I”m going to do the work or avoid it.  Some days I get up, right on schedule, and “force” myself to get it done, starting off the day with a feeling of accomplishment.  Some days I”ll get up with the best intentions and well…we all know where those can lead. While I love not having a schedule, I also recognize that it is not what’s best for me in terms of productivity.  For just over two more weeks, there truly is always tomorrow.  My time is 100% mine to do with as I please.

So why the heck don’t I always do the things that I need?  The things that will bring my biz to the forefront of the sex ed and coaching world…that will keep my body and mind and soul in tip top condition?  That will keep my relationships strong and humming with love and joy?

Well that will be a little thing called Parkinson’s Law: “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”  In other words, shit will take as long as you give it.  Do you need that paper done by week’s end?  Well it will be.  How about by tomorrow?  Same goes.  Do you need five hours to finish that report or do you need twenty minutes?  Currently, my timeline runs until June 14. aha!

That being said, I have done more in the past six weeks for my biz than ever before.  I’ve attended meetings, entered half of my customer data, launched my official website, etc.  And every time I finally sit down to complete a task, I realize it isn’t nearly as difficult or cumbersome or time consuming or scary as my ego made me believe.  In fact, given my general laziness over the past few weeks, it feels positively inspiring to get my shit done.

But starting is always a battle…and that is where I plan on putting my focus now…once I finish writing this post, that is.  😉


Kait xo

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