The Perfect Sunday, Take 2

Happy Monday loves.

I can’t believe it but this is THE big week: I move to Baltimore on Friday.  My to-do list is a bit crazy right now but I had such a perfect weekend that I wanted to pop in quickly and share.

After quite an emotional couple of days, this weekend was everything I needed and more.  The Universe truly does provide everythign we  need.

I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B School which is “online business school for women who want to make money and change the world.” <–aka me.

I watched all of the pre-enrollment vids from both a student and business perspective.  Then I took the lessons and worked them into my demo.  In fact, I reworked my demo….inserted even more me into it.   I clearly stated what I needed in a gentle+loving way.Sales and my energy soared.  I set a goal.  And I reached it.

In between being a business women extraordinaire I took the time to say goodbye.  I gained closure I didn’t even know I was looking for.  I shared my fears and opened myself up…to possibility and to their love. And though I cried, I laughed more.

Saturday night a couple of people threw me a farewell party.  I arrived high on the energy of my party and the combination of too little sleep and too much caffeine.  <–if you’re me, that’s one grande soy latte thank you much!  I drank too much, stayed up too late, partied too hard, and spent most of Sunday cuddled up next to one or more people, reminiscing about past great adventures and planning future ones.

Truth be told though, nothing really “went right” this weekend.  I left too late, I missed volunteer hours at the farm, I never made it that yoga class.  Some would qualify that as a failure.  But I never stopped smiling.

All in all, it was the perfect last weekend.  I don’t have a single picture…in fact I forgot to take any because I was so caught up in truly living + experiencing every second.   I don’t regret it…or really anything.  Instead, my heart is full of love as I replay the best moments over in my head, smiling at the memories that I will undoubtedly turn to when life throws its next direction change in my path.

To everyone who’s hosted me, made time for me, driven out of their way to see me, and otherwise opened up their soul to me during these past six weeks: thank you.  I have no clue if or when I’ll be returning to New England but my fear of being forgotten, of being lonely, of abandoning and being abandoned is gone.  You will always be in my heart and I in yours.

Here’s to loving life and my next great adventure.


Kait xo




5 thoughts on “The Perfect Sunday, Take 2

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    • I am loving it so far. I love the way Marie presents information and even the first couple of lessons (the follow through formula that she talked about in the pre-enrollment videos) have been useful. 🙂

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