I’ve found that people either love surprises or they hate them.

I tend to fall in the former category. I loved coming home yesterday to see that Mom has framed my Zumba certificate.  On Sunday I loved finding out that there was a Chipotle near my friend’s house…and that the beau had found my sleep mask which I had left at his parent’s house…and that my almost MIL had saved her coupon inserts for me.

But perhaps the best surprise of all was pulling into Whole Foods yesterday afternoon and seeing a Farmer’s Market set up in its parking lot!  I literally squealed with delight and started dancing (while still driving).  I went to snap photos…then remember my phone had died.

Since this is the big week, I didn’t have to pick much up…just some lettuce and beets and berries and hummus and crackers and milk.  And yes, I still had to go into WF to purchase some of those things.  But, you see, the food itself wasn’t what I was so excited about: it was the whole experience.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than  talking with other people who know and love food…who respect what they are selling and hope that you will enjoy and love it as much as they do.  I love being able to have an intelligent conversation about someone’s precise farming method to see if its just organic or also pesticide-free.  And I so appreciate that I can ask how to prepare something and receive a fiercely passionate answer about the best way to cook [insert veggie here].

Yesterday was sunny and 75 with barely a cloud in the sky.  It was, in short, simply the perfect day for the perfect foodie surprise.


Kait xo




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