Until Next Time

So the past few days have been insanely crazy.

My grandmother went back to the hospital.

I spent countless hours re-routing our trip to avoid parkways that prohibit trucks (like the UHaul we’re taking).

My stress is settling into my joints and I ache all over from sitting at the computer and working.

So I’m calling it quits…for a couple of days at least.  Anything that isn’t 100% necessary and non-negotiable just isn’t happening.

Calls are being rescheduled.  Plans are being changed. Blog posts aren’t being written.

This transition will be different than the last which means the challenges I’ve already faced in preparation for it and the ones I will be facing are also different.  They are all the same beast (chaos + fear) manifesting in different ways.

This time though, I know I can take them.

So bear with me folks…the next time I check in I’ll be settled in my gorgeous new place in the burbs of Baltimore, learning a new rhythm and stumbling as I go.

In the meantime, I’ll be packing + planning + saying a few final farewells.  There will be tears and laughter, anger and relief, sadness and hope.

Despite it all, I know this next step is the right one.  Just like I knew working with Hillary would be…and doing B School.  My gut tells me so and I’m learning to listen.

Right now, its telling me to stop writing.

So without further ado…I bid you farewell.  Just for a little bit.

Yoga/beauty/new beginnings

Kait xo


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