A year ago today…

One year ago today I had a bit of a breakdown.

Then I drove to the place where my journey to wholeness would begin.  I didn’t know it at the time…all I knew is that I needed to be at the Kripalu Center this weekend because my life would change.

I didn’t know what the meant but I am so happy I listened to my heart and jumped into the unknown.

I had nothing short of a life changing weekend.  I grew in unimaginable ways and started a practice of mindfulness.  I began living my life differently…viewing my life differently.

In between then and now I went through some of the darkest times I ever experienced.  I felt the deepest sort of pain, the type that leaves you breathless and broken…the kind from which you only can arise as a better, stronger, clearer person.  I burned down and I rose again.

I found my path and discovered my calling.  I went deep and then deeper still.  I completed a 21 day cleanse.  I travelled.  I loved and I lived.

Then I began to see the light at the end of the closed dark space.  And slowly but surely I emerged, just in time for Hillary’s YSU program.  I was terrified…the commitment was large, the expense greater than I had imagined.  But Hillary’s question to me: “What are you losing by not enrolling?” stuck in my mind.  And I signed up, taking the next most important step I ever could have taken.

My Hopkins acceptance letter arrived shortly thereafter…at the same time Hillary decided to redesign the program in a way that happened to be perfect for my situation.  If “It was meant to be” describes any situation, its this one!

Last week I had my last session with Hillary.  It was super bittersweet and we ran almost an hour over but during that time we not only calmed my tightness over the move we also did a little reminiscing.  We gave thanks for how far I’ve come.  And honestly, until that moment I hadn’t looked back to truly see the change that had taken place in me + my life.  I had transformed, wholly and completely.  My thoughts, my actions, my patterns of behavior…all were new and different and more empowered.  I was a stronger, clearer person than 3 months prior.

And it all started because I took a chance.  I tossed aside the proverbial sails and I said YES to me…to self care…to my best life possible.  It was the best decision I ever could have made.


Kait xo


3 thoughts on “A year ago today…

  1. It’s amazing how much we can change in a year. Your journey reminds me so much of my experience with moving to San Francisco and then back again. Incredibly difficult, but so, so rewarding. Congrats on your transformation and cheers to living the best life possible!

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