Project: Food Budget, Week 41

Happy Thursday lovelies. 🙂 I’m writing this post on-the-go so I apologize if there are any errors. I’m not totally used to writing posts on my phone! Probably because I’ve never done it before….

Anyway, this is week one of the cleanse and boy did I miscalculate my food needs. I ended up making two extra trips I the grocery store just for more greens. I kind of forgot how much I consume during the cleanse! Add into that the fact that I’ve been eating more to fuel my hardworking brain and … well you guessed it, I went over a bit again. Thankfully when I budgeted for the year, I did $200/month which actually works out to be a closer to $50/wk so I’m still ok and, to me, that is what counts as I continue acclimating to my new lifestyle. 🙂

I don’t have any photos of the food I made on my phone but I don’t want to leave you without anything to feast your eyes on so I figured I’d tempt you with some delightful dishes I’ve eaten over the past few weeks. Apparently I can’t insert these wherever do keep on scrolling to indulge your senses! 😉

Spending Savings

Whole Foods:$9.58
Farmer’s Market:$9.50

Total Spending:$56.41

Of that I saved about $15.00.


The best “MD Freak Storm” dish ever: sauteed arugula, Thai sticky rice, and homemade refried beans.


Fried deliciousness at Sticky Rice.


Veg sushi at Sticky Rice.


Decidedly not-vegan brownie trio from a wine bar in Fell’s Point.


Burrito with grilled plantains + summer squash + corn from Golden West.


Curry falafel sandwich from the Gypsy Queen food truck.


Kait xo

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