More Bmore Food

I’ve officially been in Baltimore for six weeks now. During those six weeks I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. I’ve struggled a bit with adjusting. I’ve gotten homesick (and for reals sick), passed my midterms with flying colors, and formed relationships with people who will undoubtedly be some of my best friends and resources down the road.

I’ve also eaten a ton of delicious food. And this post, well it’s all about that.

Thank you Baltimore for your commitment to making us (veg) foodies oh-so happy.

Oh and if your happen to follow me on Twitter, then you might have seen some of these today. <–But really, that was just a shameless plug for you to follow me @PassionbyKait. 😉

Here we go…weeeeee!

Falafel Wrap from The Gypsy Queen food truck

Blackberry Rum and Mango sorbet + a biscotti

Fruity gazpacho from the Souperfreak truck. How cute are the glasses they put it in?

Cuban tofu sandwich from a DC food truck that I can’t remember the name of. 😦 But it was so delish and still is my absolute favorite food truck purchase. Also, see that orange-ish sauce? Oh so spicy and perfect!

Brunch at One World Cafe. Blue corn cakes topped with fresh fruit, carrot/apple/beet juice, and real maple syrup…served in a giant bottle of Absolut. Haha The cakes were good but very dense. I really wanted to try their tofu scramble but, unfortunately, you can’t order it as a side. <–made me miss WooDaddy. *le sigh*

Brunch at Donna’s Cafe at Cross Keys. This was my first time here and I cannot say enough positive things about the place! On Sundays they offer a brunch buffet ($18.95, all you can eat + one drink, Cross Keys location only). While I didn’t partake, the beau did and he loved everything from the made-to-order omelet to the roasted veggies and everything in between. My favorite part was the hummus…it was amazing! As for me, well the menu wasn’t overly veg-friendly but it definitely had a number of options. I fell in love with the salad you see above: mixed greens, cracked wear, raisins, roasted veggies, and a citrus vinaigrette.

Now the reason I speak so highly of Donna’s is because this salad originally came with chicken salad. When I asked our waiter if I could sub veggies at no cost, he not only told me it wouldn’t be a problem, he also checked with the chef to see what the best options for veggie would be! This meant so much to me as someone who sometimes encounters resistance as restaurants (no I will not pay more to sub a vegetable for meat thankyouverymuch).

Oh and did I mention the salad was perfectly dressed? I mean, this chef KNEW what he was doing! Thanks Donna’s!

I closed the meal by splitting a pot of tea (chamomile lavender…so good) with the beau and savoring a chocolate hazelnut biscotti that I’m pretty sure was made in-house. The perfect Sunday brunch? Yes, indeed. 🙂


Kait xo


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