Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater: Lessons from riding the bus

When I moved to Baltimore, one of the big things I wanted to do was drive less. I had hoped to live on the heart of the city to take advantage of it free public transit options (yes, that says free) but alas settled practically in the burbs after finding a huge condo on the city/county line.

Up until now, my daily commute has involved driving to the metro station, taking the train, and then walking the two blocks to school. It isn’t ideal (about 40 each way), but my only other option would be to drive in every day. While this technically is faster, it is also more expensive when you consider both the cost of gas and parking. Driving to the city for the weekend is one thing.. Doing it daily…well that’s a different story!

One thing I have noticed though is that I’ve been burning through gas and getting really crappy gas mileage. Yes, my ’02 is getting on in years. But more relevant is the fact that she really sucks at city driving. I’m still getting around 30 mpg when I go to parties (or take unexpected trips home) but lately…I’ve been averaging 22 to 24.


So this week after doing a bunch of research, I decided to try out taking the bus to the metro stop. My monthly transit pas covers everything so I figure I should get the most out of it. Today is my third day and what a three days it’s been.

The buses run late…and early. I don’t know which is more frustrating. They are frigidly cold…which is awesome when you are drenched in sweat from your half mile walk to the bus stop but less ideal at the end of the day. The timing too is far from ideal, with an average of only a minute or two between arrival of the bus at the metro and the departure of the train.

All in all it’s been an eye opening experience. I am ever more grateful for my car and having the means to pay for it. I am on awe of those who have only this hugely flaws transit to rely on. And, despite all of said issues, I’m glad that I started doing this.

You see taking the bus really only adds minutes to my commute. Having to walk a bit of a ways to the bus provide the much needed outdoor time I’ve been missing since my move here (I walked ~1 mile each way to UMass when I lived in Worcester). And it gives me more time to workp play during the commute.

Furthermore, all of my bus snafus <–aka missing the bus…multiple times in one morning have helped me to finally understand the adage, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” On any day I could have just thrown in the towel <-<I'm full of cliches today apparently and said screw it.

Except this week I really couldn’t let myself down like that./del> My policy midterm was due yesterday. Today I mailed in an application for the internship of my dreams (*squee!*). I had coursework to catch up on from last week’s rendezvous with the beau. So now…I had I laugh it off and keep on trucking.

Admittedly, some days my response was less than ideal. There were tears and tantrums and general frustration. At times I was angry at the Maryland Transit Authority…at times I was mad at myself. But more importantly, I walked it off. I laughed. I smiled. I moved on.

And I got shit done.

Here’s to that. πŸ™‚


Kait. xo

P.S. I’m headed to Jersey for the weekend for Passion Power, Passion Parties’ summer conference! I can’t wait to be enveloped in the love of my Passion Sisters. You can expect a recap later next week. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater: Lessons from riding the bus

  1. After living near metro stops for years, my last apartment in D.C. required that I take the bus to the metro, and after that I vowed to never live anywhere where I had to rely on a bus again. I don’t mind taking the bus every once in a while, but doing it daily made me nuts. When I moved to Boston, one of my housing requirements was that I be able to walk to the T so as not to have to rely on the unreliable bus. I had to increase my housing budget and make cuts elsewhere, but it improves my life SO much that three years later, I’m still happy with the decision.

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