Project: Food Budget, the real Week 50

Ok this week its week 50. Sorry about that. πŸ˜‰

Weekly Menu

*Recipes from the upcoming 4th Happy Herbivore cookbook are denoted with a *.

Raw Zucchini Almond Pesto


Sweet Potato, Red Pepper, and Coconut Milk soup

Quinoa, Pumpkin Seed, and Tahini Salad

Spending Savings

Co-op: $20.16
Farm Stand: $8.00
Wegmans: $23.02
Whole Foods: $12.00 $20.95

Total: $84.13

Another high week but I had an awesome Passion Party Saturday night so I let this slide. Plus I picked up a lot of necessities and got a ton of great deals that will last me a while. *woot*

Total Savings: $33.62 (40%)

what what!

Steals & Deals


I hate weeks where I need to buy face products. I use expensive products and they last a while but when I do need to buy them its always a bit painful. Luckily, I checked my coupon sites before heading out today and got 2 for 1 moisturizer. Let me explain.

Plum District (PD) currently has a voucher for $15 for $30 of products at PD is like Groupon for mom but they tend to have vouchers for websites that have mom-and-kid-stuff plus everyone-else-stuff. Websites like Ecomom where my moisturizer is the same price as at Target ($14.99) but where I don’t have to pay tax and where I can pay for one (by purchasing the voucher) but order two. #win

Baltimore Food Co-Op

Organic Zucchini: $1.00 each
Cucumbers: $0.50 ea
Nutritional Yeast: $7.69 for 8 oz <;–vitacost has been out 😦


Organic Carrots, 2lb bag: $1.69
Hydroponic Basil: $2.99 ea <;–here's to round 2 growing my own basil!
Organic Lite Coconut Milk: $1.99

Paper Towel 12 pack : $12.99
-$4.00 Wegmans cpn from random mailer
=$8.99 = $0.45 ea <;–12 big rolls = 20 regular ones

And my favorite deal:


Whole Foods

Arrowhead Mills Cereal: 2/$7 (sale price)
-$1.00 Whole Foods cpn
-$1.00 Arrowhead Mills cpn
= $1.50

Jason Shampoo: $7.99
-$3.00 Whole Foods cpn
-$4.00 Jason cpn <;–from toothpaste box

Cliff Kit Bars: $1.49 ea
-B1G1 Free cpn
=$1.49/2 = $0.75 ea

Earthbound Farms Romaine Hearts: $2.79
-$0.75 EB Farms cpn

Earthbound Farms Bagged Salads: $1.99
-$0.75 EB Farms cpn

That it folks!

Until next time…


Kait xo


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