Current Faves

Aka things I’m currently obsessed with.  😉

Winter Squash, especially when its $0.80/lb

These bars (BOGO at Whole Foods) which, dare I say, I like even better than Lara Bars.

This yoga studio in Towson, MD.

These food apps.

This spread, which I do could eat with a spoon.

These crackers.  Which make a great spoon.  Not that I would know or anything… 😉

My hydroponic basil plant (aka Basil take 2).  ^P.S. Oh HEY.  😉

Multipurpose work/snuggle/nap space.


Kait xo


3 thoughts on “Current Faves

  1. No grocery shopping app? what? LOL.
    I use and adore “Shopper” app. I can keep track of prices by each store, so if WF is $2 and TJ’s is $1, I can keep track of both prices on one list item. There is a “free” and “pro” version. I opted for the 99c pro version, and I rarely ever spend money on apps!

    What size macbook do you have?

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