CT/NYC Weekend

So the title is slightly misleading since I spent a grand total of four hours in NYC but I got to take advantage of some awesome stuff so I’m totally counting on it.

Without further ado…welcome to my weekend. 🙂

Once Upon a Time windows at Bloomingdales on Lex.

20121007-133659.jpg20121007-133707.jpg20121007-133716.jpg 20121007-133725.jpg20121007-133731.jpg

Funny enough, the lady I asked to take my photo wanted to know if I had done the window. Considering I was in leggings and a not-quite-long-enough tank (aka my standard travel attire) and am certainly not known for my style, this made my giggle. 😀

Next up, a stop at Organic Avenue, a new-to-me juice bar/store that the ever-helpful Happy Cow app told me was right around the corner from the store. I promptly got some delicious goodies.


I may have professed my love for the checkout girl when she pointed out that there were more flavors of Emmy’s than were at the register. This was after squealing with glee that they even had my most favorite macaroons EVER. I can’t get these in Baltimore and had been craving them since the DC VegFest when an imposter macaroon tried, rather unsuccessfully, to steal my loyalty.

I eventually made my way to Grand Central to catch my train to CT.  Does anyone else feel like GCT is the place where dreams begin?  Anyone?


*Sigh* I love NYC.  I also love New England Fall foliage and the pretentiousness of NYC.  Tehehe



Next up, dinner at Tarry Lodge, Mario Batali’s restaurant in Westport, CT. I knew I had a test ahead of me since it was the one month mark without dairy and the last time I had eaten it, I was with Bren and his family. I was determined to not give in this time an I am happy to say I didn’t! I plan on sending a special thank you to the management for their willingness to substitute other products for the dairy items that did come with my meal.

20121007-134903.jpg 20121007-134914.jpg

Saturday I worked all day before the beau and I met up with his friends for a night of food and beer hopping.  After appetizers in downtown Bethel, we headed to the mall for some Cheesecake Factory deliciousness.  No seats in the bar?  No problem!  Deanna and I used this as an excuse to go shopping (or was that our evil plan all along? tehe) and I purchased these bad boys on sale at Old Navy.


After the mall we hit up another Bethel restaurant, Rizzuto’s.  Yumminess immediately resulted.  Both Deanna and I couldn’t decide which we liked more: my Brussels Sprouts (braised with a Dijon vinaigrette) or her dessert trio which included a tiramisu, a bag of donuts with fudge and applesauce, and a cannoli/pastry tart thing.



Sunday I had to catch a 1:18 train so we got up, ate breakfast, and had to run.  The beau waited with me at the train station and we happened to park next to the car with this license plate.  I felt it was a fitting reminder from the Universe.  <–yes I look for the lesson in everything.  Or rather, I do my best to keep myself open to receiving such lessons and messages.




On the train I snacked on my FAVORITE granola ever which I’ve only ever found at Stew Leonard’s.  Where we clearly stopped after the beau picked me up on Friday. 



Seriously, look at these stats?  And its made locally in CT. <–aka everything I ever wanted in a cereal!


Because of the train schedule, I had about 2 hours to kill before my bus left so I decided to treat myself to another NYC solo date and hit up one of Gena’s highly recommended spots, Le Pain Quotidien.  I had never been before but knew it was Gena-approved and on my way to the bus stop so clearly it was a must.  It wasn’t the cheapest meal but hey, I was on vacation.


I got the Berry Boost seltzer and the avocado tartine (with chickpeas, tomatoes, cukes, and a spicy tahini sauce), rice pudding, and mint tea.  The latter two they gave me to-go which was good considering I barely made bus.  I mistakenly thought I could take the subway next to the restaurant and when I couldn’t, I realized I had 15 minutes to make it from 40th and 6th all the way to 34th and 11th.  Sunday was not a warm day but I was sweating by the time I got to that damn bus…just in time to hear “last call.”  The best part?  I had a seat to myself!  😀

Just over three hours later (seriously…MegaBus rules for getting us to and from the City on time), I was back in Baltimore and on my way to Trader Joe’s to pick up the essentials.  🙂

What is your favorite city to visit?


Kait xo





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