Why I <3 Couponing

Why I ❤ Couponing

When sh*t happens…like an injured foot that requires being wrapped for the next six+ weeks…you don’t freak out about how to pay for it.

Because even though you planned on saving your extra coupons, discounts, what have you, you remember Colin’s mantra:

“It isn’t how much you save, it’s how much you spend on the stuff you need.” 

And yes, you really need this.

So after making some money at the store (as in I spent $1.15 and I received $3 Extra Care Bucks…), you realize that only paying $0.99 <–instead of $5.30 for an ace bandage sure trumps having to buy kinesio tape repeatedly.

Although, the kinesio tape sure is prettier…

Yes, having the thong between my second & third toes felt as awkward as it looks!


Kait xo

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