Scenes from Life

It’s been a while…in addition to my bum foot I also have “the class cold.” Oh well…that means I had time to sit home, recuperating…aka going through my photos to share more delicious and fun times. 🙂

20121106-180049.jpgSnuggle buddy at my friend’s bday party.

20121106-180059.jpgPure ego…but I friggin love my bangs in this photo…which may have been taken in a bathroom…after a few drinks.  #don’tjudge

20121106-180106.jpgPertiful squash at the local farmstand.  Also my fbook cover photo.  🙂

20121106-180112.jpgJust another study session.

20121107-195811.jpgDeliciousness (aka Chili Tofu)  at Meet 27  <–aka my new fave veg-friendly restaurant

20121107-195822.jpgVegan empanadas…did I mention the place is completely GF?

20121107-195831.jpgVegan. Blueberry. Pie. aka heaven in your mouth.
*psst you have to ask specifically for the vegan dessert…it’s top secret*

20121107-195845.jpgVegan pancakes and homemade tempeh bacon (the best I’ve ever had)

20121107-195854.jpgShe came on time, despite Sandy.  And I devoured her like no other.  #yum

20121107-195901.jpgRoe v. Wade sharing the love with Rosie the Riveter 😉

20121107-195912.jpgDo I need to say anything here?

20121107-195919.jpgGiant beans simmered with veggies over rice pilaf at the Bmore Greek festival.


20121107-195934.jpgPuppy!  Who I get to see in less than a week.  🙂


Kait xo

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