New Year’s + Reflections on Winter Break

So it’s officially my last week of break. Where the month went, I don’t know. But as I reflect back I do know that I wouldn’t have hanged a thing.

I spent this break readjusting my body to cardio after 2+ months of injury-induced not working out …visiting friends throughout New England (Providence, Boston, Worcester, and everywhere in between) … interning and learning more about the direction I’d like my life to take … and working on healing what I’ve come to recognize is my drastically disordered relationship to food.

It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Did I cross everything off my goals list? Nope. Did I spend far too much time fan girling? Yup. And I don’t regret a thing.

I have a ton of photos I snapped of my adventures and since I already showed Christmas, New Year’s was the next logical set.  Yes I realize I’m about three weeks late…but hey, better late than never, right?  <–what I keep telling myself about my almost-finished 2013 intentions post 😉


Getting “stuck” behind the snow plows is always a #win…even if it takes twice as long to get home.


Thankfully momma had extra boots…that happened to go with my outfit. Another #win for me. 😉


Puppy love


Not excited for New Year’s at all. *whistles*



Looking rather classy + important at the cigar bar pre-dinner.


Prix fixe at The People’s Kitchen…so good AND they vegan-ized it for me. 🙂


Pumpkin soup…not the prettiest photo but this was soo delicious.


Roasted stuffed tomato with all sorts of delicious goodness around it.


Happy 2013! (And we’re sweaty from the surprise-to-us live band)


See? Surprise band on the heated patio (= awesomeness + dancing).


Best. bar. ever. <–no you cannot change my mind thankyouverymuch …


… mostly because they have the Maple & Maine which is my fave drink …


… because it basically tastes like Fall in New England in a drunk-inducing glass. 😉 And because of the muddled blueberries.


Lights on the green.


2 am diner run. Because we didn’t just eat a 5 course meal a few hours before…

I don’t have any of the rest of our activities documented..writing + burning our 2013 intentions (the beau joined me in doing so this year and I must say it was pretty magical)…meeting up with a good friend who was on holiday leave from the Army (and spending close to 4 hours in a booth at Cheesecake Factory because our waitress told us to “take our time”)…or generally feeling so full of love + light + hope.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start 2013…or celebrate my last day free of internship duties (which BTW is going wonderfully).


Kait xo