Rising from the Shadows

Georgia sunrise

Georgia sunrise

Its been a while.

I’ve been in a bit of a black hole.

This is the first week I feel like I’m rising back up.  Up and out into the world.

Eschewing isolation.

Forgoing distance.

Opening my heart to those who’ve hurt me (to those I’ve hurt)…abandoned me (to those I’ve abandoned)…left me feeling alone (to those I left alone).

Recommitting to balance.  To finding peace…inner peace, that is.  The most beautiful kind of all.

Wedding fun with mom

Wedding fun with mom

Wedding fun

Wedding fun with the beau

Yea it’s been a while.

I had to undergo some growing pains…squeeze through a bit of dark & narrow.

I had more here…but firefox crashed and for some reason WordPress didn’t save.  This post took a lot out of me and while I want to recreate it, I’m not sure I could do the original justice.  Because the original was pure.  And because I”m working on relinquishing control…of letting go.  So instead of trying to recreate that which cannot be recreated, I’ll instead leave you with this…

Strike. Rise. Dance.One Billion Rising flash mob.

Strike. Rise. Dance.
One Billion Rising flash mob.

It’s been a while. 

And it’s been dark at times. 

But I’m ok.

I’m not great.  But with each day I grow a little stronger.

With each day I have a bit more hope.

And with each day my inner mean girl quiets a little bit more.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

So it may have been a while.

And it may have been dark at times.

But I’m ok.

And I’m back.

Yoga/beauty/coming home,

Kait xo

2 thoughts on “Rising from the Shadows

  1. I’m glad you’re back. 🙂 And I can relate to the feeling of being in a bit of a black hole. For me, winter alone is tough, coupled with work/personal stress…the rational part of me knows these things are temporary and they WILL get better, but it’s tough in the moment. Sending lots of positive energy your way… xo

    • Thanks love. And I”ll send some to you as well.

      I was reading through some of my other more recent posts and was shocked to see how disconnected I had gotten. The words on the page clearly stated that I was wandering in a daze, but I hadn’t fully acknowledged it yet. I’m glad that slowly but surely I’m coming out of it and last night…I just needed to write. 🙂

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