Updates Galore!

Before I share with you some juicy updates, I want to take a moment to honor this day.

You see a year ago today I came home from Sara’s yoga class.  It was an average Wednesday…until it wasn’t anymore.  A big ol’ envelope from Johns Hopkins University was waiting for me…my acceptance letter to a program I didn’t even remembered applying to.

And just like that, everything changed.

I don’t want to get too caught up in the past but I couldn’t let this day pass without honoring its significance to my journey.  Instead, I’ll share one of my favorite posts, written at the end of this week, last year.  And I’ll briefly talk about the difference a year makes.

Without Hopkins…I’d still be in a job that no longer served me (nor I, it).

Without the stress of this program… acknowledging my issues with food would have been delayed indefinitely.  <–insert PH joke about the counterfactual

Without my new colleagues and classmates…I’d still be questioning whether this sexual pleasure thing matters, hiding my shape in ill-fitting clothes, oblivious to so many facts of the world, and doing/believing countless other falsities.

Few things about the last 8 months has been easy.  I’ve felt crushing loneliness + isolation and fought demons that often paralyzed me.  Regardless, I’m still so ridiculously grateful for that Wednesday last year.  Because alongside those dark moments have been opportunities that may not otherwise have come, learning moments that I doubt I could have had anywhere else, and friends I never would have met.  So for all the dark moments, there were also light ones.  And hopefully I can continue to focus on those as I continue to heal myself.

I’ll wrap this up by saying thank you again…for coming with me every step of the way and for sharing every victory and every dark moment.

Now onto those updates…

Blog Updates

Check out my new and improved (and yes, updated) About Me and Passion by Kait pages.  The blogroll is next.

Business Updates

Though the main focus of this blog isn’t sex, writing about it is a huge part of my life.  So since ya’ll like my writing and some of you undoubtedly want to learn more, here are the latest places to find my writing:

  1. The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health
  2. Get Lusty for Couples
  3. PbK Newsletter 

And of course there’s my YouTube channel if you’d rather hear me talk about sex (with the occasional dance video tossed in there) rather than read about it.

Health Updates

Since much of last year’s hardship dealt with my wrists, I figured I’d let you know.  As expected, I’m still not at the level I was before my injury.  But some days I can flow through an entire yoga class without modifying.  That alone is huge and a point I wasn’t sure I’d get to ever again.  If anything, I’ve learned to listen to my body and scale back when I need to.  I definitely need to continue building strength + stability (something that was severely hindered by my foot injury in the fall) but I’m mostly happy with where I am today.

That’s all for now.  I’m not sure I’ll post again this week as I have some huge assignments due but there is definitely a giveaway scheduled for next week so be sure to check back then.


Kait xo


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