Money Saving Money: I <3 Whole Foods


Happy Monday lovelies!  I hope you had a wonderful sunny weekend and scored some mega deals while shopping (*coughKristincough*).  I know I did…between one of my good friends visiting and a super nice sales clerk, this one was a win.  🙂

Tip of the Week

Bring your coupons back and speak up!  Last week I was super disappointed that my Whole Foods didn’t have the latest coupon booklet so I missed out on some sales.  Luckily, WF and many other stores allow you to bring your receipt + the coupons back and get a refund.  I do this all the time.  Sometimes its a last-minute stop and I don’t have my coupons with me.  Sometimes, I just forget I have a coupon for a product.  And other times I’m waiting for the coupons to be reset so I can print more.  Any and all of the above count.

This week however, the simple adjustment went so much better than I could have expected.  Not only did I need to get the $ back for the coupon I also needed to fix one of the items I had purchased which was put in as the wrong price.  When I explained everything to the clerk (I didn’t have the WF coupons with me because I thought the new booklets would be out, etc), he offered to refund me the entire amount for both mistakes due to the store inconveniencing me.  I seriously could have kissed the kid.

So don’t be afraid to bring your coupons back and nicely speak up about mistakes on your receipt.

Meal Plan

So I didn’t do a great job meal planning this week.  I know there will be homemade hummus, massaged kale salad, and  a raw pasta dish at some point but otherwise, I’m going to let creativity + cooking challenges take over.

As usual, there will also be lots of smoothies, avocado toast, and fruit.

Spending Savings $7.63
Farmers Market: $23
Whole Foods: $19.44
Trader’s: $7

Total: $57.07

Oh this week…we needed toilet paper and hand soap and a bunch of pantry staples plus all of our regular goodies.  And its just me!  So I knew I would spend a little more and planned accordingly.  I was fully prepared to go without the Trader’s trip until that happy little exchange with the WF man.  🙂

Savings $10.84
Whole Foods: $20.73

Total: $31.57 (55%)

55% essentially means I got twice as much stuff than I paid for.  I’ll take it!

Steals and Deals

Whole Foods

Olivia’s Organic Spring Mix: $4.99 (11 oz)
-$1.00 Olivia’s cpn

Earthbound Farm Arugula: $1.99 (5 oz)
-$0.75 EB Farm cpn

Go Veggie vegan shreds: $2/6 (reg $3.49)
-$1.00 Go Veggie cpn
-$1.00 July/August Whole Deal cpn

Dream non-dairy beverages: $1.99
-$2.00/2 Dream cpn
-2 x $1.00 July/August Whole Deal cpn

Until next week…


Kait xo



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