Money Saving Monday: The Big Haul

i-love-saving-money-copyHappy Monday lovelies! Before we get down to business, I invite you to check out my newest page above: Coupoing Goodness. I’ve compiled links to all my couponing posts so they can guide you in your own adventures in saving money while keeping it natural. šŸ™‚

I missed you all last week but given that I was travelling, I used my budget to buy food on-the-go. I grabbed some travel staples (larabars and the like) and easy-to-carry accoutrements since I knew I would be receiving breakfast and lunch each day but wasn’t sure what to expect. As it turned out, the meals were surprisingly adequate!

Anyway, being the end of the month, I slipped into my Couponing SuperStar outfit (which I imagine is pink and sparkly and spandex, of course) and geared up for some great hauls. And ladies and gents – great hauls I had!

Tip of the Week

Make the most of your trips to less frequently visited stores. For those who’ve been following along for a while, you know I used to be a Wegmaniac (Wegmans maniac for those who aren’t familiar). Its relative distance, the lower price of items at Whole Foods, and the consistent;y disappointing selection at the stores close to me, led me to cutting back my trips to about once every six to eight weeks. However, when I got home from my training, I had a $5 of any grocery (aka no produce) purchase of $25 or more coupon waiting. <–Pause: I ā¤ coming home to presents! You know I had to use that. So I sat down with my coupons and figured out what were some products I actually could use (beans, yogurt, tissues), what coupons were expiring, and what, of those, would make good deals. A lot of this comes down to knowing prices and the fact that Wegmans doubles coupons. So coupons that gave me okay deals elsewhere are suddenly taken to a new level there. Some of the items I bought were planned splurges (e.g. the coconut milk yogurts and Mary’s Gone crackers). Other things I bought in huge quantities (e.g. beans). But all are things I’ll use and were at rock-bottom prices. I ended up saving 77%! *squee*

Target is another store I visit only occasionally. Knowing that we had no extra dish soap,I jumped at the chance to get Seventh Generation’s for only $0.94 (!). Again, since we don’t go to Target often, I got creative with the other Mobile Coupons (see below for sign-up instructions), using them to get things that, again, I use regularly and would be at rock-bottom prices. $0.04 bananas and $0.49 avocados? Yes, please! Contact solution for less than $3 a bottle? Sure! Dirt cheap toilet paper that I actually really like? Though my savings was only 49% at Target, the trip showed how coupons can be used positively even without items that were on sale.

In short…know your prices, make the most of your trips, and shop smart. šŸ™‚

Meal Plan

Oh my goodness how have I become such a poor meal planner?! Its a combination of having a minimal schedule + the beau’s laissez-faire-ness + his ability to throw meals together on the spot. Oh and heat which has made me crave smoothies, avocado toast, and not much of anything else. There will be lots of greens this week though because as good as the conference food was, it was rather carb-heavy. I’ve never craved veggies quite this much…

Oh and just because this post needs more photos, here are some from the food I enjoyed at training.


EPIC oats…aka what happens when you let a vegan loose at a buffet bar with about 10 different types of fruit.


Breakfast buffet + tupperware = so. much. fruit. for my daily afternoon snack.


Celebratory dinner at Sticky Fingers after completing my training! #nomnomnom

Spending Savings

Target: $14.49
Wegmans $26.18
Farmers Market: $24.00
Whole Foods: $19.60
Total: $84.27

Target: $7.05
Wegmans: $20.20
Whole Foods: $9.93
Total: $37.18 (44%)

Ok so I just have to brag…I officially have money left over for this month!Ā  Its a whopping $1.40 and will probably get spent on an avocado (because I only have half left *gasps*) but folks…this has never happened before.Ā  *victory dances*

Steals and Deals


Buy (1) bottle of Seventh Generation Dish Liquid 25 oz., $2.69 (Thru 8/3)
Use (1) $1/1 Seventh Generation Dish Liquid coupon (Zip 12345)
With (1) $0.75/1 Dishwashing Item Target Mobile Coupon (Text FRESH to 827438)
Total: $0.94!

Buy (5) bananas, $1.20 ($0.25 each)
Use (1) $1/any fresh fruit purchase of $1 or more Target Mobile Coupon
Total: $0.20 ($0.04 each)

Buy (1) avocado, $1.49
Use (1) $1/any veggie purchase of $1 or more Target Mobile Coupon
Total: $0.49

Buy (1) 12 pack of Scott Natural Toilet Paper, $8.99
Use (1) $1/1 Scott Naturals Toilet Tissue 12 pack coupon
With (1) $1/1 Toilet Tissue Item Target Mobile Coupon
Total: $6.99 ($0.12/sq m)

Up and Up Contact Solution, 2-pack, $4.94
Use (1) $1/any up and up purchse of $3 or more Target Mobile Coupon
Total: $3.94 ($1.97 ea)


Wegmans 3-pack of tissues: $2.79

Buy (1) Silk Soy Creamer, $1.69
Use (1) $0.55/1 Silk product coupon (no longer available)
Total: $0.59 after coupon doubles!

Buy (1) Silk Pure Almond, $2.99 (thru 10/12)
Use (1) $0.55/1 Silk product coupon (no longer available) (doubles)
OR use (1) $1/1 Silk half gallon coupon
With $0.75 Ibotta coupon
Total: as low as $1.14 after coupon doubles

Buy (1) So Delicious Greek-Style Coconut Milk Yogurt, $1.89
Use (1) $0.55/1 So Delicious Dairy Free coupon
OR use (1) $1/1 So Delicious Dairy Free (SS 05/05/13)
Total: as low as $0.79 after coupon doubles

Buy (1) Food for Life Ezekiel Bread, $3.99
Use (1) $0.50/1 Food for Life product coupon
Total: $2.99

Buy (2) Barilla Whole Wheat Pastas, $2.58 ($1.29 ea)
Use (1) $0.75/2 Barilla product coupons (no longer available)
Total: $1.08 ($0.54 ea) after coupon doubles

Buy (4) Polar 1L Seltzer bottles, $3.56 ($0.89 ea)
Use (1) $1/4 Polar 1L Bottles coupon (RP 05/19/13)
Total: $2.56 ($0.64 ea)

Buy (4) Goya Low Sodium Beans, $3.96 ($0.99 ea) <–I did this deal twice to really stock up! #beans4life tehe
Use (1) $1/4 Goya Low Sodium Beans coupon (RP 05/19/13)
OR (1) $1/4 Goya Low Sodium Beans coupon
With $0.50/1 Ibotta coupon
Total: $2.46 ($0.62 ea)

Buy (2) Mary’s Gone Organic Crackers, $7.98
Use (2) $0.50/1 Mary’s Gone Organic Crackers coupon (VegFest coupon)
OR use (1) $1.50/2 Mary’s Gone Organic Crackers coupon
Total: as low as $5.98 ($2.99 ea) after coupon doubles

Buy (1) Sensodyne Pro-Namel Toothpaste (4 oz), $4.99 <–total necessity or else I would have waited for a sale #boo
Use (1) $0.75/1 Sensodyne Toothpaste coupon
Total: $3.49 after coupon doubles

Buy (1) Wegmans Organic Baby Spinach (5 oz), $2.99
Use (1) $1.00/1 Wegmans Organic Baby Spinach coupon (May Menu Magazine)
Total: $1.99

Whole Foods

Corn: 5/$2

Buy (1) Kettle Chips Party Sized Bag, $3.29 (thru 7/31)
Use (1) $0/75/1 Kettle Chips Whole Deal coupon
Total: $2.54

Buy (1) loaf Ciabatta Bread, $2.99
Use (1) $1.00/1 loaf ciabatta bread Whole Deal coupon
Total: $1.99

*whew* That’s a lot of deals. I am so happy with how this week turned out, even though I did get a bit cranky planning the logistics of it all.

Did you score any awesome deals this week? Share below!


Kait xo

9 thoughts on “Money Saving Monday: The Big Haul

  1. Hey Kait, I’m super protective about my cell phone number. Is the Target coupon thing totally safe? have you noticed an increase in text spam after you signed up?

    Thanks for the info. I did printout the 7th Gen coupon and will head over to target to check it out.

  2. Oh and should share. On my shopping receipt at WFM, I got a coupon for $10 off $50 purchase at one of two new WFM stores. The one in Melrose, MA is close enough that it’ll be worth it to save $10. I’ll be heading there on Friday for their one-day salmon sale.

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