Being Provided For

Apparently my writing muse has returned. I started journaling again per my doctor’s orders and now I’m writing left and write…in my journal, in the notebook I’ve taken to carry with me everywhere to write down new ideas, newsletters for Passion by Kait , and blog posts for here.

*whew* it feels delicious.

Anyway on a recent trip to DC, amidst business passengers tourists and average Joes and Janes, I took the time to reflect on all the ways I’ve been provides for in this tough time of transition.

A partner who loves me despite the fact that some days I’m utterly and completely apathetic, and others high on life, and other sobbing with dread and hopelessness.

Friends who nourish my soul…and my fangirling. They provide the perfect balance of support and silliness, inspiration and escape.

Unexpected income, from new clients, last minute parties, selling clothes at the consignment shop, and just finding change on the ground, a gentle reminder that the Universe or God or whatever name you give it is, in fact, listening and watching over me.

Late night revelations about my business, new colleagues who offer guidance and help, scholarships to conferences and training, and and increased number of job opportunities that say the numbers are starting to work in my favor.

A newfound sense of purpose and focus and motivation.

Cooler temps that make the days bearable, and keep the AC off!

All of these things are gentle reminders that I am not alone and that this too will pass, all in good, cosmic time.

This summer has not been easy, but amidst the moments of chaos and fear and doubt there have also been utterly beautiful moments of connection, caring, hope, and love.

And those are what I hope o remember. That this isn’t anything like I imagined things would be, but it’s better…because its reminding me to surrender, offer my struggles and my hopes to a higher power, and keep on keeping on…one day, cover letter, and meal at a time.


Kait xo

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