Random Photos…

Since I finally took photos of our apartment (you know…to post since we’re moving soon….more news on that later), I had a chance to go through my camera.

Holy photos! Some of the stuff was almost a year old. *hangs head* After sorting through everything, I figured I’d share some delicious eats with ya’ll. From, ya know, the last 12 months haha


I don’t even remember what half of this food was…but its making m mouth water looking at it! I spy a wrap with toffutti cream cheese + arugula, capers, and tomatoes, yellow dal, Rising Moon vegan ravioli, pad thai, a chickpea salad, homemade pizza (so yum), Mexican tofu scramble, and stuffed mushrooms. No that doesn’t cover it all…but shh!

I also wanted to share these beautiful flowers. Prior to photographing these, it had been months since I had picked up my camera. I was in the depths of some dark times and being creative just wasn’t on my radar. But how could I not want to immortalize these beauties?!





Kait xo


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