About Me

Tarry Lodge

Fall 2012

A 24 year old trying to do it all: grad student, sex educator, Zumba instructor, Passion Parties Diva.

A mostly vegan foodie, wino, and free-spirit who loves yoga, dancing, chocolate, and science.

I am on my path.  I have an idea of where it leads but know that any guess I hazard is simply that: a shot in the dark.  I dream of teaching women, especially cancer survivors, to own their sexual pleasure and live lives full of passion.  Yet I release expectation for what this dream looks like.  Or, I try.

I believe in the power of our minds to create our reality…the abundance begets abundance…and that the Universe always provides.

My goal is to trust the process and work through hardship without judging it.  Or worse, fearing it.  I invite you to travel along with me as all is revealed in due time. For more information on the beginning of my metaphysical journey, see my guest post here.  Or just scroll through the Life Updates and General Musings tags.  🙂

I currently live in Baltimore, MD where I’m earning my Master’s in Public Health with a focus on sexual health education.  Prior to this I performed health psychology research with cancer patients and worked on nutrition advocacy.  So you see, I’ve got a billion interests.  And I intend on pursuing them all in due time.


NYE 2012

But first, and foremost, sex.  It is my calling. I first was introduced to pleasure-inclusive sex education in college.  Once I started my Passion Parties business, I became obsessed.  This career at once feeds my soul and sustains me financially.  My time at Hopkins has furthered my passion for this field as opportunities to delve more deeply into issues related to sexual health, pleasure, and gender equality abounded.  I’ve been blessed to write about current sexual health research, teach victims of sex trafficking, and run wellness programs for sororities.

Each time I learn something new or do an event, I am reminded why this type of work is needed.  It is not always an easy path.  Stereotypes abound and some days I feel all I am doing is fighting against them.  Nevertheless, having experienced the profound impact my work has on resurrecting individuals and relationships, I am committed to being an advocate for female reproductive issues.

I believe the power of women is unimaginable and when we harness that through education and empowerment, it is truly unstoppable.

My second passion is food.  My kitchen is a place of refuge and my cooking, a way to express love.  To me there is nothing better than ending a long day by taking out my frustrations on the cutting board as I lovingly craft something delicious.  My diet is mostly plant-based because I believe it is the best option for me and for the environment.  (And I can’t tolerate dairy.)  That being said, all are welcome here and I encourage intelligent + lively discussion   While I don’t create many recipes, I am proud to say that over the years I’ve become an ardent recipe follower to the girl who has to change something.


My first coconut at DC VegFest 2012

Lastly, there is yoga.  My practice has sustained me through some of my darkest times.  My mat is the one place where I can 100% let it all go…dump everything into the earth and simply be.  I have experienced the full range of human emotion there.  At times, the yoga studio was the one place I felt truly safe.  Safe to let it all go, to break down completely, to grow beyond what I could imagine.  For me yoga is more than simply poses and though there are times when I forgo the physical practice for some length, I maintain the other aspects of it–especially breath, focus, and non-harming–in my day-to-day life.

I believe in the power of yoga + whole foods to heal the world.

I welcome you to join me on my path, share your stories, and hopefully learn something special along the way.

Yoga, beauty, life,

Kait ❤

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