The Kait-Approved BJ’s Pricebook

When it comes to grocery shopping, I’ve been totally spoiled with the opportunity to shop at stores like Wegmans and Safeway where I can check prices online.  However, when the beau and I decided to invest in a BJs membership, I knew we would end up spending an afternoon wandering around the store and collecting the prices of goodies.  Hence, this pricebook was born.  Consider it a living entity that will be updated as necessary.

What does ‘Kait-approved’ mean?

Before I get into the actually products, I want to clarify what this pricebook is and is not.  ‘Kait-approved’ simply means that all of the products on this list meet my shopping guidelines.  Generally, I focus on purchasing products from companies whose values align with mine.  Specifically, this means that I focus on purchasing items that are produced and/or grown

  • locally
  • sustainably
  • fairly
  • organically
  • with whole foods ingredients (e.g. whole wheat flour, no preservatives, etc)

My budget means sometimes I have to make sacrifices to one or more of these values.  For example, as much as I’d love to buy local, hand-made pasta, the fact that I can get whole wheat Barilla for around $0.50/box means I get the Barilla.

Additionally, I follow a plant-based diet.  This means that you won’t find prices for any items produced with animal products (e.g. meat, eggs, dairy, meat-based broths, etc) on this list.

And now…

The Pricebook

Product Name



Unit Price

Fresh Organic Dates 2 lb $8.99 $4.50/lb
Dried Dates 40 oz $7.49 $2.99/lb
Raisins 3 lb $6.99 $2.33/lb
Food Should Taste Good 20 oz $5.99 $4.80/lb
Popchips 11 oz $4.49 $6.53/lb
Xochitl tortilla chips 24 oz $5.59 $3.73/lb
RW Garcia tortilla chips 32 oz $4.59 $2.30/lb
Cape Cod Chips 18 oz $4.99 $4.44/lb
Utz 16 oz $4.99 $4.99/lb
Wilds Riceworks Chips 14 oz $4.99 $5.70/lb
Lara Uberbars 12 pack $10.99 $0.92/bar
Coconut Water 68 oz $7.99 $15.04/gal
V8 2 gal $5.69 $2.84/gal
Silk Soymilk 1.5 gal $7.99 $5.33/gal
Blue Diamond almond milk 86 oz $3.49 $5.19/gal
Lucini sauce 25.5 oz $3.99 $2.89/lb
Rozanno sauce 2, 32 oz jars $6.99 $1.24/lb
Grey Poupon dijon mustard 2, 16 oz jars $6.79 3.40/lb
Guldens mustard 4, 12 oz jars $4.99 $1.66/lb
Organic ketchup 2, 44 oz jars $6.99 $1.27/lb
Sweet Chili sauce 20 oz $3.99 $3.20/lb
Kikomann low sodium soy sauce 40 oz $5.49 $17.57/gal
Whole Grain Barilla 8, 13.5 oz boxes $9.49 $1.36/lb
Organic fancy/real pasta 2 lb $4.99 $2.50/lb
Seeds of Change 4 pack $7.99 $2/pack
Brown Rice 4 lbs $4.99 $1.25/lb
Rice Select 48 oz $7.99 $2.78/lb
Arborio rice 4 lbs $4.99 $1.25/lb
Muir Glen tomatoes 6 cans $6.99 $1.16/can
Capers 16 oz $5.79 $5.79/lb
Olives 6, 6 oz cans $6.49 $1.08/can; $2.88/lb
Minced garlic 32 oz $3.99 $2.00/lb
Goya black beans 6, 15 oz cans $4.29 $0.72/can; $4.78/lb
Goya kidney beans 6, 15 oz cans $4.29 $0.72/can; $4.78/lb
Goya chickpeas 6, 15 oz cans $4.99 $0.83/can; $5.32/lb
EVOO 1 liter (~34 oz) $5.99 $22.55/gal
Organic EVOO 1 liter (~34 oz) $8.99 $33.85/gal
Carapelli EVOO 1 liter (~34 oz) $7.99 $30.08/gal
Calavalita garlic oil 32 oz $6.99 $27.96/gal
Balsalmic Vinegar 1 liter (~34 oz) $9.99 $37.61/gal
Rumfords aluminum-free baking powder 2 cans $3.29 $1.65/can
Maple syrup 32 oz $12.99 $51.96/gal
Honey Bunches of Oats 4, 48 oz boxes $6.99 $2.33/lb
Cascadian Farm granola $4.99 $2.35/lb
Frosted Mini Wheats 70 oz $8.39 $1.92/lb
Tofu 32 oz $3.99 $2.00/lb
Gardein black bean burgers 12 $12.99 $1.08 ea
Fresh Express organic greens 1 lb $4.49
English cucumbers 2 pack $2.39 $1.20/cuke
Avocados 4 pack $3.29 $0.82/avo
Organic garlic 5 bulbs $1.99
Cherry tomatoes 32 oz $4.99 $2.50/lb
Pineapple 1 $1.99
Organic strawberries 1 lb $3.79 $3.79/lb
Bananas 3 lb $1.49 $0.50/lb
Frozen mango 4 lb $7.69 $1.92/lb
Frozen mixed berries 3 lb $9.99 $3.33/lb
Wymans blueberries 3 lb $7.39 $2.46/lb
Frozen spinach 3.5 lb $5.29 $1.51/lb
Frozen corn 6 lb $6.99 $1.17/lb
Organic frozen peas 4 lb $6.49 $1.62/lb
Charmin Basic 113.4 sq m $17.99 $0.16/sq m
Scott Naturals 69.9 sq m $10.99 $0.16/sq m
Scott Extra Soft 126 sq m $18.99 $0.15/sq m

BJ’s stock and prices may also vary by region so if things are different, that is likely the reason. If there’s a specific item you want to see added to this list, just leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to look it up the next time I’m there.

I hope you find this pricebook useful.  I love that big box stores are slowly but surely starting to add healthier products to their shelves so that all of us, regardless of food values, budget, and dietary needs, can take advantage of the great savings!


Kait xo