Call to Action: Say No to CANCER

I know…two days, two calls to action.  You can check back tomorrow for a P:FB post if you’d like.  I promise not to be upset.

Alright so lets continue on the highly controversial track and talk Planned Parenthood (PP), women’s rights, and Susan G Komen for a bit.

Still with me?  Ok great.

People have a lot of misconceptions about PP and those who use it.  Certainly some of those misconceptions (aka stereotypes) are probably true.  However, when I think about the people who use PP, I think of my friends who, during school, couldn’t get birth control to help their PMS symptoms and/or acne because their parents refused to take them to an ob/gyn and our health services dept couldn’t provide the script.  I think of people like my mom who, despite being college-educated and employed full-time, still live under the poverty line and thus seek their care at clinics.  I think of fellow Passion Parties consultants and bloggers and other small business owners who can’t afford the astronomical cost of healthy insurance despite working full time (or more) and use clinics to keep up with their health.  And I think of people like those I served at the Family Life Center (and a number of my co-workers) who found themselves penniless, jobless, and homeless after finally making the gutsy and oh-so-brave decision to run from an abusive partner.

In other words, when I think of the people Planned Parenthood serves, I thin of you and me.

When I write, I do so from personal experience.  That’s why this blog is often more like a journal than a newspaper.  I write about what I know to be true based on those things I’ve gone through or people close to me have gone through.  I try not to philosophize and wax poetic and if I do I make it known that these are my own thoughts.

So here goes.  The Susan G. Komen foundation pulled its funding from Planned Parenthood.   This breaks my heart.  In fact, I’m crying as I write this because I think about the further cuts that they will have to make and the fewer people they will be able to serve.  People like you and me and our friends and family members and neighbors and co-workers

I know everyone associates PP with abortion and birth control but if we could for just one damn second remove those variables from the picture we would be able to see the other services they offer.

Pap smears.  Mammograms.  STD testing.  General health services (e.g. flu shots, anemia and thyroid testing, physical exams etc).  UTI and yeast infection screenings.  Men’s health screenings.

All of these amazing services that help heal and prevent and spot disease early.  None that have to do with murder.

I am perhaps one of the biggest proponents of annual screenings.  Ask my friends: I will flip a shit if you tell me that you miss your ob/gyn annual visit or, worse, that you are a in your 20s and never had a visit.  Your GP, I can survive.  Your ob/gyn?  HELL NO.

An annual saved my momma’s life.  It has saved or enhanced the lives of the thousands of patients I’ve worked with at UMass over the past two years.  It has given parents, grandparents, partners, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and best friends a second chance at life.

This is what we are denying people when we de-fund Planned Parenthood.  This is the statement that the Susan G Komen foundation chose to make when they pulled their monies, that we do not deserve the right to receive the necessary screenings.  Sounds pretty outlandish for a foundation that proclaims it wants to see the end of cancer.

Please, sign the petition.  Do it for someone you love.  Do it for my patients and the countless other patients.  Do it for the people who love them.  Do it for yourself.


Kait xo