Super Simple (Almost) Raw Pasta

This week I made a fantastic quick lunch dish that I wanted to share.

Yes that’s right, I’m sharing a recipe!  WHAT?!


This super simple dish came together in bout 30 minutes and was filling and all sorts of delish…tangy and crunchy and refreshing and light.

Super Simple (Almost) Raw Pasta

2 zucchini (mine were ~5 in each)
1 carrot (same size)
1-1.5 Tbsp oil
1 large clove of garlic, minced.
Pinch of red pepper flakes
2+ Tbsp nutritional yeast
1 Tbsp hemp seeds
Salt and pepper to taste

Make raw noodles using a spiralizer, juliennee peeler, regular peeler, or sharp knife.

Heat a frying pan on medium-low When the pan is warm, add oil (you may need more or less depending on the pan you’re using). When the oil is warm, add garlic and pepper and saute for 1-2 minutes.  Add raw pasta, nutritional yeast, hemp seeds, and salt and pepper. Mix together and heat for 3-5 minutes, depending on how soft you want the noodles. Top with additional nooch and hemp seeds.

That’s it! It was a filling, delicious, colorful, and filling lunch.


Kait xo


Let the Cleanse Begin…again!

Hi folks!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend.  Mine involved lots of Brothers & Sisters, adeliciousinternational potluck with my classmates, dancing until the early morning hours, late night girl talks, lots of grocery shopping + cooking, a 3am shower, a trip to the farmer’s market, dancing in my car, and fantastic conversations with new friends.

And…restarting the Crazy Sexy Cleanse.

A couple weeks ago one of my good college buddies bought and read the book.  Both of us have similar struggles with our weight + eating and I had been suggesting the book to her since I did my last cleanse.  She wanted to do the cleanse and I offered to do it with her, both for some moral support (it isn’t always the easiest + she isn’t plant-based to begin with) and because I know it won’t hurt me to do it again.

So last night I enjoyed all sorts of Indian, Asian, and American food + dessert + beer (and that dancing) and today I started my day with fresh vegetable juice (carrot/ginger/beet/apple/parsley/kale/celery/garlic) from the farmer’s market, followed by some baked fresh this morning whole wheat walnut bread and sun butter, and topped off tonight with a new-to-me raw kale salad.

I forgot how good it feels to eat this way.

I won’t likely be talking about the cleanse quite as much as last time but I will be following the principles to a T.   For those just joining me, that means: no meat/poultry/seafood/eggs, dairy, sugar or alcohol.  It also means daily meditation, workouts, and dry brushing, as well as using toxin-free health & beauty products and getting enough sleep.  Kris suggests giving up gluten but I’m not quite there yet (personally or budget-wise).  Quite frankly, I think that I probably will feel even better and I’m not ready for that change.  I have no doubt that I’ll get there (and have certainly learned to never say never).

I hope you join me over the next 21 days as I work my way towards a lighter, more cruelty-free life.  My goals with this cleanse are fat loss (not to be confused with weight loss) + more focus.  I’ve been doing much better with the focus thing, often choosing to do that what needs to get done than that which I want to do.  As many of you know, this is a huge step for me and I have no doubt that cleanse will help strengthen this new muscle I’m building…plus a whole lot more.


Kait xo

Project: Food Budget, Weeks 39 + 40 AND a GF Giveaway

Wow…its week 40 already!  That means only 12 more official weeks for P:FB!  <–that’s insane!

This is going to be a quickie check in, not only because I haven’t been keeping close track of everything but also because today marks my first day of classes! 

Given the events of the past few weeks (moving, losing power, etc), my budget has been a bit up and down.  The week I  moved in…well I can’t even tell you how much I spent.  I was constantly running to the closest store (which happened to be Shoppers…not the cheapest IMO) to grab lemon juice or flour or something else mid-cooking/baking that I believed I had…but didn’t.  Try not to do this folks…its gets expensive and annoying!

I promise more food porn posts coming soon.  And by food porn I mean mediocre pictures of outstanding, drool-worthy food that looks good despite the fact that my photography skills are far from good.  <–not saying this to self-patronizing but rather to let you know that photography just isn’t a top priority of mine.

Now about that budget…

Week 39: $30.50 (savings ???)
Week 40: $69.90  (savings: >$30)

So if you are wondering what happened this week, its called stocking up on overpriced non-perishables so I can eat semi-healthy without access to a fridge.  Then of course, I did have access to a fridge but not an affordable grocery store so…I paid the Giant prices (double entendre fully intended)  Luckily, the beau paid for half of those since he was worried about me eating.  And I have enough larabars + raw sprouted trail mix to last me for months.  <–seriously.

Giveaway Alert!

Wegmans just recently debuted its Food You Feel Good About (FYFGA) gluten-free line.  FYFGA products are made without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  As part of the debut, they sent us obsessed loyal customers coupons for some goodies.  Since I don’t really need the products, I thought I would do the nice thing and share the love with you all!

Up for grabs…

Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Gluten Free Sugar Cookie MixSugar Cookie Mix (only 70 cal/cookie)

Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Gluten Free Fusilli
Fusili corn pasta (only 2 ingredients: corn + water!)

Though I haven’t had either of these products, I have sampled and purchased many private-label products from Wegmans and have been impressed with them all.  The sugar cookie mix also has a 5 Star rating on the Wegmans site.  just sayin’.  😉

To enter: just leave a comment below.  Giveaway ends on Sunday, July 7 at 11:59pm.

That’s it for today folks.


Kait xo


Project: Food Budget, Week 32 + Past Weeks’ Eats

Welcome back to another exciting week of saving money with y/b/l.

Tip of the Week

Splurge when you can!  Maybe you are living back at home and mom is picking up some of your groceries and you are drawing all grains and beans from your stockpile.  Or maybe you just don’t need that much this week.  Either way, you have a bit of room in your budget to buy some new-to-you items that normally wouldn’t be in-budget.  Go ahead…be rebellious!  And enjoy every second of it.  🙂

Weekly Menu

What happens when you move and then proceed to travel immediately?  Meal planning goes out the window.  The downside: this can lead to overspending.  The upside: I’ve been forced to get a creative and good great things have resulted.  The only items I brought into mom’s kitchen are my box (yes box) of spices, my cutting board, my knife, and my blender.  I do occasionally grab beans, oil, or grains from the storage room basement but all-in-all, I’ve been creating yummy dishes with very little.

Now by creating I mean going back to my college years of depending on the stir-fry.  I could sing the praises of stir fries for hours but I’ll get straight to the point: they are the most versatile, fantastic, go-to meal on the planet.  Grains + veggies + protein + seasonings and you’re good to go.  Veggies on their way out?  No problem…just toss ’em in and go!  Don’t love that grain you bought in bulk?  Mix it in.  You get the picture.  😉

First there was the Road Trip Fill-Her-Up which consisted of Alter Eco red quinoa, vidalia onions, spinach, chickpeas, garlic, chili powder, liquid smoke, and s&p.

Whatever you do, don’t skip the liquid smoke!  It added a depth of flavor to this dish that makes it totally unpredictable but incredibly delicious.  A bottle doesn’t cost that much and will last you forever since you only need a couple drops (max) to get the desired effect.

Next up, the Unique Use-‘Em-Up:

Isn’t mom’s deck table pertiful?

This guy had brown rice, the rest of my dying bag of baby bell peppers, black beans, and ginger/rosemary/s&p as well as a unique new-to-me oil that I splurged on at…of all places…Marshalls!

Why yes that is rosemary, ginger, sweet orange-infused olive oil!

Oh my word this was to-die-for.  I not only sauteed the veggies with the oil + spices but also mixed them into the rice.  You couldn’t really taste the orange on the veggies but it was definitely there on the rice.  Which I proceeded to nibble on repeatedly.  Is this oil absolutely necessary?  No.  Did it take lunch from good to outstanding?  Yes!  Will I be experimenting with more infused oils?  Yes again.

Then of course were my sweet potatoes, which I sung the praise of in yesterday’s post<–see savory recipe there

Cheezy Sweet Potatoes

And another new-to-me product that provides great snacking, with or without milk.  😉

I’ve also been eating out a ton between my trip to Bmore and just catching up with people.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of meals not pictured because either a) the photos didn’t come out at all or b) I was too hungry to remember to snap one.  Putting that sad fact aside, I am happy to report that Bmore is a very veg-friendly city.  Or maybe its just my recent shift in perspective, who knows.  Either way, I’ve been consistently looking for and finding a plethora of veg options at dedicated and mainstream restaurants alike.

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For the Love of Sweet Potatoes

Ah…the humble sweet potato.  A fall staple, one of my favorite foods, and my recent re-obsession.

Now I very well recognize that November is more sweet potato season than May but the past couple of days these guys have been the star of multiple meals.  Why the surge in SP love?  Plain and simple : root vegetables are extraordinarily grounding foods. Let me explain.

I’ve been a bit sporadic with my blogging and that is a perfect reflection of the upheaval I’ve experienced in all areas of my life recently.  I blogged about it briefly so you would know I was still kicking. The short, simple, hurried structure very much represented that impact this transition has had on my mental, physical, and spiritual state over the past couple weeks.  In other words, its been pretty brutal.   I feel a bit like I’m floating with little more than a piece of silly string connecting me to the earth.  My mom’s house, where I’m currently residing, is full of boxes.  There is barely enough room to sit on the floor in my room to meditate (I have East-facing windows) and I’ve yet to establish a set schedule for my vacation from life.  All in all, life is pretty chaotic right now.

What I expected to be relaxing and rejuvenating has turned into something more stressful than I imagined.  I’m lucky to be loved by so many who want to hang out, catch-up, and be together…but every fiber of my being is craving hibernation.  I want to sleep late, work out, watch trashy TV (aka re-watch the entire season of Once Upon a Time and order Mad Men) and read even trashier books (the Fifty Shades and Hunger Games trilogies).  I want to cook and spend time with my family and pretend for a little bit that I’m not moving 5+ hours away from home.  <–yes, me the girl who’s eschewed family connections for the entirety of her life  Because fact of the matter is, my next big adventure is equal parts exciting and terrifying.  All major change is.  Anything can happen but one thing I know for sure is that my next step won’t be a walk in the park.

New city. New schedule. New lifestyle.  Back to strict budgeting and stricter time management.  The rewards will be great but I know I’ll have earned them.

So that brings me right back around to this humble little root vegetable.  While I figure out which yoga studio will feed my soul for the next couple of weeks, and which plans I can cut back on so that my time is more my own, I’m doing whatever I can to ground.  And that means eating root vegetables.  And walking outside barefoot.  And drinking calming tea.  And hugging the ones I love.

Now back to those taters… not only do you enjoy the benefits of a grounding vegetable, SPs are also really good for you.  I’m not going to go into too many details but lets just say they are among the highest sources of beta-carotene in the plant world and contain a host of other cancer-blocking, anti-inflammatory, blood sugar-regulating nutrients.  Its important to eat them with a little bit of fat to ensure maximum uptake of the beta-carotene.  Like, you know, the nut butter of your choice.  Its also important to purchase organic whenever you can as root vegetables are particularly susceptible to absorbing all sorts of nasty stuff from the surrounding soil.

Here’s my fave sweet and fave savory ways to prepare the versatile and amazing sweet potato.


Bake potato (microwave or oven).  Mix 1 Tbsp nut butter (I use TJ’s sunbutter) with 1 tsp each milk and maple syrup.  Stir in a couple of drops vanilla extract and a few shakes each of cinnamon and nutmeg.  Microwave for ~30 seconds, checking every 10 seconds to ensure it doesn’t burn.  Add more milk if the mixture is too thick.  Drizzle over baked or roasted SP.


Wash and chop SP.  Toss with cooking spray and some salt and pepper and transfer to a greased casserole dish.  Try not to overlap.  Bake at 400 for ~30 minutes, turning once.  While the SP is baking, make your my fave cheese sauce.  When there is 10 minutes left, pour sauce over SP and continue to bake.  The SP is done when its easily pierced with a fork.

Neither of these recipes are particularly pretty.  Instead they are quick, easy, delicious, and filling.  And what more can a girl ask for when multiple seasons of Don DraperMad Men are calling her name?


Kait xo


Project: Food Budget, Week 30

Welcome back to another edition of what I ate, what I bought, what I spent, and how much I saved!   Tehehe

Let’s get right to it then.  🙂

Tip of the Week

Don’t discount big box stores…just keep your list out and don’t waver from it!  Head straight to the section where you can find the things you need and keep blinders on the rest of the tie.  😉  The beau and I ventured in to activate my two month free trial (random mail offer) and only spent a total of $31…on whole foods + trash bags.  I’m pretty sure we were as atypical as a couple can be in a big box store considering we also had a coupon for almost everything in our cart!  Getting a bunch of bananas for less than $2 and a 2lb carton of cherry tomatoes for around $4 kind of rocked.

Weekly Menu

I had a great meal plan this week…which never happened as I strove to use up leftovers and pantry staples.  I got a bit creative and my tastebuds thanked me many times over. Don’t you just love when clean-out-my-fridge meals end up being delicious?

Takeout – Baked Avocado Tuscany from Evo

Chipotle Salsa Lentils over a bed or arugula and leftover pasta

“Sausage,” peppers, and onions over more leftover pasta

Salsa Lentils over Brown Rice + topped with Hummus

Sausage, Peppers, and Onions (vegan, goitrogen-free)

Serves 1

High-heat cooking spray (e.g. Canola) to coat pan
1-2 cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 medium pepper, diced
1/2 medium onion, diced
1 Tofurky Beer Brat. diced
2 TBSP Frank’s Red Hot
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Heat cooking spray + garlic over medium heat.  When garlic turns golden and is fragrant, add peppers and onions.  Cook for a couple of minutes until onions are almost transparent and peppers are  beginning to turn bright green.  Add sausage and continue cooking until everything is heated through.  Remove from heat.  Mix in hot sauce and pepper.  Serve over cooked pasta or brown rice. Do not skip the hot sauce.  It totally made the dish.

I also made quinoa using Kath’s Oatmeal method and OMG was it delicious.  Also, if you haven’t added pasta to salad before, I highly suggest it.  🙂

Spending Savings

BJs: $9.55
Wegmans: $12.44
Trader’s: $15.88

Total: $37.87

Under budget! <–its about time, right?!  😉

BJs: $1.60
Wegmans: $4.10
Total: $5.70 (15%)

I really can’t complain since I bought almost exclusively organic, fresh foods.  I love buying less  but higher quality food and staying on budget while still using coupons (for 2 lb cartons of tomatoes and 5lb bags of onions).

Congratulations to Heather B for winning last week’s Alter Eco giveaway! I’ve e-mailed you to get your address.

That’s all folks.  Don’t forget to show some $$$ saving love to my fellow P:FB bloggers.


Kait xo

Project: Food Budget, Week 29 + a Giveaway!

Tip of the Week

A little PSA today.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed some things getting a little *ahem* tight.  And not in the “Hello Sexy” way!  There are numerous factors which played a role in this situation, couponing included.  So today’s tip is a bit of a lesson and a bit of a cautionary tale.

Repeat after me: just because you can buy something and have a coupon for it doesn’t mean you should buy it.  That Dagoba chocolate bar..those packets of Justin’s…all that Nature’s Path <–too many links to share you get the picture.  But wait, you say, you only use healthy coupons!  Yea…I know.  Nutbutter is healthy…in small amount.  So is cereal…when I’m not eating it by the (several) box-fuls.  Again, I’m not blaming couponing entirely, but it certainly played a role.  Here’s the thing, it is way easier to snack when you know you’ve got a stockpile of your drug of choice or coupons for to get it for cheap or free.  Want to know how I know?  My last bag of Udi’s is still sitting in my pantry.  That definitely did not happen with bags 1 or 2 (I had three free product coupons)!

I’m not being too hard on myself (most days…) because I know right now things in my life are absolutely crazy.  In fact, a part of me is happy that this occurred because now that I’m aware of this “trigger” so-to-speak, I can take the steps to change it and not accidentally fall into this pattern again. Use coupons to fuel a healthier lifestyle, not the opposite!

Weekly Menu

Asparagus Caesar Salad

Bday oats and mango + coconut

The Morning After

I also made…

  • Dijon Rice with Broccoli (EHH I added Tofurkey beer brats…delish!)
  • Crazy Good Hummus (P&TY)
  • Lots of green smoothies and arugula salad

This week and last week I’m eating out a ton between bday and farewell dinners + luncheons.  Its awesome and sad all at once…

Spending Savings

Wegmans: $28.13
Trader’s: $12.08
Total: $40.21 <– w00t!  🙂

Eligible Spending: $28.13
Savings: $11.97 (43%)

*whew* and I’m back.  I’m also happy to report that my entire cart was fresh foods…except for the Tofurkey Beer Brats I got for $0.99.  Here’s to recommitting to my healthy lifestyle.  Also, since I didn’t have to buy as much as usual (see above note re: eating out), I was able to splurge on some things I wouldn’t normally get.  You’ll have to check my next Adventurous April post for that!

Company of the Week


Man-oh-man am I excited to share this company with you.  I discovered their products on accident and have become obsessed.  I honestly love everything about this company, especially their Mission Statement:

We are a team of fair trade visionaries and food-loving explorers on a mission to connect you to our farmers and their honest foods. When you taste the sweet justice of our mission you will understand our persistence, and our invitation to join us in finding your Alter Eco.

Seriously, that makes me want to get up and dance.  Or run off into battle.  Same difference, right?  I love me a company that is 100% committed to animal, human, and environmental rights and activism.  Now onto the food!  Their 16 gourmet products come from small farmers all over the world and include things like sugar, rice, quinoa, and chocolate.  YUM. I’ve only had the quinoa but it is by far the best I’ve ever tried.  With some coupons I found on Common Kindness, I’ve been getting it for the same price as the Trader Joe’s version.  For all the reasons I mentioned, Alter Eco won.

Anyway, last week Chelsey reviewed some awesome products that Alter Eco sent her.  Now I’m not quite on the up-and-up as these longer-established folks so I hadn’t been contacted.  No biggie…I did what any good food blogger in desire of products does: e-mail the company and ask.  What a response I got…

Now this is their picture…my box is waiting in CT at Mom’s house for when I move home for the month.  You can bet a full review will take place once I get there.  For now though, I’ll have to be content drooling with my imagination.

Not you though.  No no, I wouldn’t tease like that.  <–at least not with food!  Tehe 😉  I know you’re salivating on your side of the screen.  Seriously, don’t try and deny it.  Wouldn’t you just love a gift basket like the one above?  Yea I thought so.  That’s why I e-mailed Alter Eco to see if they would sponsor a giveaway.  The box of goodies they sent me was just the icing on the cake.

If you’d like to win your own basket of Alter Eco heaven goodies, leave a comment below:

1. Which Alter Eco product would you like to try the most?

2. For extra entries do any of the following (you must leave a separate comment for each):

Contest ends Wednesday, April 26, 2012 and winner will be chosen randomly. Open to continental U.S. residents only.

That’s it for this week folks!  Don’t forget to check out my fellow P:FB bloggers!


Kait xo

Disclaimer: AlterEco provided product for giveaway.  I am not affiliated with Alter Eco and all opinions expressed are my own.

The Best Sauce Ever.

Look at me, blogging on a Monday!  Tehe Actually I wrote this last Thursday, the night this most amazingly delicious, want to eat it by the spoonful sauce came into existence.

Clearly there is a pattern with my recipe creations: salad dressings, sauces, creamed dishes, and salads.  Aka nothing that a) can’t be saved fairly easily or b) requires a ton of ingredients.  Simplicity is one of my highest values, but this, my friends, come from a place of fear and lack surrounding food and the thought of throwing it out.

Yes, I admit, I’m still a work in progress.  And greatly admire all food bloggers.

So anyway, as I mentioned last week, I’m getting ready to move for about 1 month before making a bigger move in June.  So I’m trying to use up food I have a lot of.  Like pasta.  And pasta sauce.  And frozen veggiess.  Hence last Thursday’s combination.  I’m definitely being forced to become more creative with my food choices but I view this as a good thing.  Especially when I get delicious results!

Be forewarned, all  measurements are approximate because,  in true traditional Italian cooking style, I didn’t measure a darn thing. I’m anal about following a recipe but when creating, its anything goes!

Smoky Tomato Cream Sauce (gf, vegan, goitrogen-free)

Inspired by Happy Herbivore’s Sun Dried Tomato Basil Cream Sauce.  Serves 1.

1/4 c tomato sauce
<1/4 c nondairy milk + more to thin out as necessary
2.5 TBSP nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp each garlic and onion powders
1 tsp Cajun spice seasoning
1-2 drops liquid smoke
dash chipotle powder

Whisk together all ingredients together, adjusting spices accordingly.  Heat on stovetop or microwave.  Or keep reading and do what I did (hint: it involves one pot and one pot only).

My roomie is always making this pasta dish with pasta, peas, and a sauce that’s half alfredo, half tomato.  HH’s recipe is pretty close but I didn’t feel like blending anything.  The liquid smoke and chipotle powder seem like odd choices but they added this smoky (duh) warmth and depth of flavor.  And remember with both of those…a little goes a LONG way! Seriously, do not skip the chipotle.  It makes all the difference.

I cooked up some corn pasta, tossed in frozen peas with 30 seconds to go, and drained everything.  Then I tossed the pasta + peas back into the warm pot, put it on low heat, and mixed in the sauce and some leftover baked tofu, stirring constantly until everything was heated through.  And  of course, no pasta dish is complete without some freshly ground black pepper on top.

nom nom nom

Do you ever combine spices from different cuisines?  What are your “rules” when doing so?

I think lots of people do…this is what “fusion” cuisine is based on, right?  I oftentimes stick to “traditional” flavor profiles.  But when I throw something together and it just seems to be missing something…I let inspiration and smell take over.  Usually I grab whatever I’m first drawn to on my spice rack and then sniff the item I’m trying to jazz up plus the spice.  Believe me, you’ll know whether it goes together or not.  My past roomie/physics tutor/friend extraordinaire taught me this trick and it has been oh-so-useful.

I’m going to go thank her for that now!


Kait xo

April Adventures, Weeks 1 and 2

adventurous april
You might have noticed a new addition to the sidebar.  No, not yet?  That’s ok, I can wait while you peek.
What the heck are Adventurous April pants?  Well let me tell you!  Back at the beginning of the month, the lovely Janetha challenged us to go out of our comfort zones and get Adventurous in April by trying at least one new thing every week.  I read her post after returning from Baltimore and discovered that I had already started down this path with a number of my food purchases. Like two pounds of Brussels Sprouts…


…and these awesome products:


Clockwise from top left: Trader Joe’s corn pasta, Zima Tomatoes, lots of beer samples the night before Easter, my new fave drink, and my first attempt at growing my own food.  Not pictured: Justin’s Chocolate PB and Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas <–obsessed!

In addition, after three years, I finally signed up for Zumba teacher training.  I tried new recipes, as always, and started taking probiotics.  I reunited with my long-lost love, overnight oats, which served as the perfect vehicle to spoonanother new food into my mouth:

Nutella…its been nice knowing you.  But its officially over.  No no…its not you, its me.  I swear.  😉 
I have a couple of big adventures coming up this week in honor of my birthday week.  <–yes I’m that friend of yours who spends the week celebrating.  I frigging LOVE my bday!  You’ll have to wait to hear about those, but I promise they’ll be juicy.  Tehehe
Have you had any new Adventures recently? Do you enjoy going out of your comfort zone?
Have a wonderful weekend.
Kait xo

Project: Food Budget, Week 28

Hi there!  My name is Kait and I’m the, once again, long-lost blogger here at y/b/l.  Its a pleasure!  😉

For real…I’ve been a bad blogger (or bad bear as one of my friend quips).  At first I was feeling guilty about my lack of posts but then I realized that, right now, my focus is just slightly shifted to move number 1 (home to momma’s house in CT for 4-6 weeks).  I’m finishing up one job, trying to pack up (hahaha), focus on my biz, maintain a healthful and budget-friendly lifestyle, committing myself to my coaching program, and get in quality time with my loved ones around here.  *Whew*  So yes…this wonderful child of mine will be slightly on the back burner for a couple more weeks.  Thank for understanding!

Now that we’re reacquainted…

Weekly Menu

Featuring meals from the past several weeks!  🙂

Spending Savings

Whole Foods: $26.45
Trader’s: $7.84
The Living Earth: $6.27
New Morning: $9.99

Total: $50.55

Eligible Spending: $36.44
Savings: $22.92 (63%)

Here I go again going over…and that doesn’t even include the additional $ I spent on food for Easter!  *sigh*  I’m past being down and out about going over but I do recognize the need to get my spending back in control.  Since I am moving in two weeks, my goal is to cook primarily from my pantry and only purchase fresh foods.  Here’s to creativity!

Steals and Deals

Ongoing deals are marked with an asterisk*. 

Whole Foods

Asparagus: $2.99/lb (save $1/lb)
Vine-Ripened Tomatoes: $2.99/lb (save $1/lb)
*Ataulfo/Champagne Mangoes: 5/$5 (save $0.99 each)
Raw Cashews (bulk): $9.49/lb (regular price)

*Food Should Taste Good Kettlecorn Tortilla Chips: 3/$7 (reg $3.19)
$1.00 FSTG coupon
Total Price = $1.33

New Morning <–a new natural & organic grocery store in Woodbury, CT!

Justin’s Nut Butter Packets: 2/$1

Yogi Tea: 2/$6
$1.00 Yogi Tea coupon (no longer available)
Total Price = $2.00

Nature’s Path EcoPacs: $5.99 (reg. $7.49)
$1.00 Nature’s Path coupon
Total Price = $4.99

Woodstock Organic Raw Walnuts (4.5 oz): $4.99
$1.00 Woodstock Coupon (no longer available)
Total Price: $3.99 <–in hindsight, not the best deal!

Trader Joe’s
These are everyday prices from the Shrewsbury, MA store.

Avocados (4-count): $3.49 = $0.87 ea
Organic Romaine Hearts: $2.99
Bob’s Red Mill Ground Flax: $2.69
Ground Cinnamon (my fave!) = $1.99
Alcohol-free Vanilla Extract (4oz) = $3.99

Check out my other budget friends!  We have all different budgets, eating styles, and family sizes so there is something for everyone.


Kait xo