MPH Top 10 List

I haven’t talked much about Orientation yet (and probably won’t) but there was one part that stuck out to me that I wanted to share with you all.

First, a little background.  Most of the two day orientation was spent sitting in uncomfortable chairs listening to people talk.  Most of the talks were your standard, “Welcome to Hopkins.  This is the office I’m from and this is what we do and this is how to reach us.”

Aka it was pretty boring…

Others talked about graduation + becoming an alumni

….and overwhelming. 

And we spent essentially 16 hours over the course of two days learning everything there is to know about the program.

and intense. 

Needless to say, by the end of the second day we were all exhausted + drained.  After moving back into my apt on Tuesday, I started organizing my Orientation materials (you get a lot), and found my notes from one of the more engaging lectures from Monday morning.  Dr. Burke is uite possibly the goofiest, funniest speaker I’ve ever seen and I am excited that our class gets a chance to have him as a professor.  He talked primarily about building our toolbox (aka skill set) + using the amazing connections we can take advantage of as Hopkins students.

At the end of his presentation, however, he shared his “MPH Top 10”- the 10 things he wanted us to remember over the course of the next 11 months.  Since I think these generally apply to all of us in life, I wanted to share them here.

MPH Top 10

  1. Relax!  It’s intense but you can do it.
  2. Get to know your colleagues (horizontally + vertically).
  3. Decided how you are going to build your tool kit (and do it).
  4. Get outside of Hopkins.
  5. Recognize the importance of communication + communication skills.
  6. Think politically.
  7. Keep your sense of humor.
  8. Don’t stress (too much) about grades.  B’s are more than okay.
  9. Develop four mentors.
  10. DREAM.

Which piece of advice is your favorite?


Kait xo