MPH Top 10 List

I haven’t talked much about Orientation yet (and probably won’t) but there was one part that stuck out to me that I wanted to share with you all.

First, a little background.  Most of the two day orientation was spent sitting in uncomfortable chairs listening to people talk.  Most of the talks were your standard, “Welcome to Hopkins.  This is the office I’m from and this is what we do and this is how to reach us.”

Aka it was pretty boring…

Others talked about graduation + becoming an alumni

….and overwhelming. 

And we spent essentially 16 hours over the course of two days learning everything there is to know about the program.

and intense. 

Needless to say, by the end of the second day we were all exhausted + drained.  After moving back into my apt on Tuesday, I started organizing my Orientation materials (you get a lot), and found my notes from one of the more engaging lectures from Monday morning.  Dr. Burke is uite possibly the goofiest, funniest speaker I’ve ever seen and I am excited that our class gets a chance to have him as a professor.  He talked primarily about building our toolbox (aka skill set) + using the amazing connections we can take advantage of as Hopkins students.

At the end of his presentation, however, he shared his “MPH Top 10”- the 10 things he wanted us to remember over the course of the next 11 months.  Since I think these generally apply to all of us in life, I wanted to share them here.

MPH Top 10

  1. Relax!  It’s intense but you can do it.
  2. Get to know your colleagues (horizontally + vertically).
  3. Decided how you are going to build your tool kit (and do it).
  4. Get outside of Hopkins.
  5. Recognize the importance of communication + communication skills.
  6. Think politically.
  7. Keep your sense of humor.
  8. Don’t stress (too much) about grades.  B’s are more than okay.
  9. Develop four mentors.
  10. DREAM.

Which piece of advice is your favorite?


Kait xo


Hump Day Inspiration

‘Ancient Journey’ Laura Hollick with Beast sculpture. Photo by Kevin Thom.

Earlier in the week I was catching up on e-mails from the amazing Creative Visionaries whose work I follow closely.  I had just finished completing my last Master Promissary Notes for grad school loans and unknowingly went searching my inbox for guidance, love, and support.

The Universe always gives us what we need right?

First there was Gabby Bernstein’s amazing vlog.

“My suggestion to all of you this week is to pay attention to what it is that you love about your life.  What hobbies you have that you do effortlessly?  Just witness how those effortless actions are supported by the Universe.

This message was particularly striking as I’m in the process of launching new services and products through my business.  <–Thanks Universe.  I needed that reminder!

Then there was my Buddhist quote of the day.  Note the origin of the quote, which seems a bit too coincidental given the nature of my business.  Guess Gabby’s lesson was quickly learned!

“It is crucial to know when it is appropriate to withdraw our attention from things that disturb our mind. However, if the only way we know how to deal with certain objects is to avoid them, there will be a severe limit as to how far our spiritual practice can take us.” ~Lama Thubten Yeshe, Introduction to Tantra

And finally there was my weekly e-mail from Laura Hollick (the inspirational sexpot pictured above).  Usually her e-mails include a short note and a link to a quick but powerful video.  This week?  No video.  So I kept scrolling…right on down to the picture.  And the quote under it:

Take the journey to be who you are born to be.

Just do it.  Throw away the sails.  Follow your heart.  Live your Passion.  Reflect.  Go within.  Feel your pain.  Better yet, feel your joy.  Question.  Examine.  Know it can and does get better.  Don’t settle.  Your dreams are waiting for you to own them.  Go ahead…grab ’em.

I’m right there with you sister…lets take this journey together.  Won’t you join me?


Kait xo

On Meditation

My meditation space *oohhhmm*

I’m not gonna lie: meditating can be hard to do.  Some days your ass goes numb.  Some days one foot (or leg) falls asleep.  Sometimes both do!  Sometimes your brain stages a full-blown sabotage and you end up feeling like total shit.  Sometimes you panic because certainly, you’ve been here more than 10 minutes already!

And then some days you sit in total peace.  You feel 100% juicy, ripe, delicious, and vital and suddenly all of those other experiences aren’t as important.  Your body stays awake/alert/aware and you disconnect enough from your thoughts that you find internal quiet.

As I’ve learned over the past couple of weeks there isn’t such a thing as true internal quiet.  There’s internal disconnect.  There’s tuning in and the ability to think without thinking.  There is complete calm.  But there is no such thing as absolute and complete silence.

And I’m ok with that. More and more I am able to distance myself from my thoughts during meditation as I do during yoga.  My brain may be active but I’m an observer to those thoughts.  Some people describe this as watching them float by like clouds.  <–Hogwash!  Its more like not caring what your brain is doing, being aware but not invested, and focusing elsewhere.  Although, I have a feeling this experience is a little different for everyone!

During this week I’ve also come to terms with only being comfortable sitting for 15 minutes a day.  I was trying so hard for those 20, thinking that number was some magical gateway where I would find the ultimate inner peace.  Instead I was panicky…anxious…freaking.  As usual, the Universe decided to send a little message, this time in the form of Gabrielle Bernstein’s v-log, delivered each Monday morning right to my inbox.  One of the first lines in the video: “It’s not about how long you sit; it’s about how deep you connect.”  <–I couldn’t make this sh*t up!


Have a beautiful weekend.  Take some time for you…be peaceful/calm/non-rushed and loving.


Kait xo

Notes on Wellness, Part 5: Lesson on Metabolism with Dr. Gottfried

Today I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Sara Gottfried, “the Harvard trained integrated physician who helps women, regardless of age, feel vital again using natural hormone balancing.”  <–Her intro on tele-seminars!

As I wrote about on Friday, one of the reasons I love the CSD Cleanse is because it is about more than just our bodies.  Since I was actually in Worcester this weekend I committed to taking some time for me.  To breathe/relax/catch-up.  I visited friends, practiced yoga (both days!), clipped and organized coupons, made late night runs to Whole Foods, watched rom coms ,and caught up on some tele-seminars I had been holding on to for some time.  On Saturda while doing my coupons, I listened to Are Your Hormones Holding You Hostage for  the Holidays?  <–Like I said, I’m catching up!

The focus of the call was Metabolism as it was the free intro to her Mission Ignition e-course on the same topic.  Since I know how much you beauties love reading about food…and we all know how much I geek out about anything to do with the human body, I wanted to share some of her gems with you.  I hope these action steps and words of wisdom inspire you.

“The HALT test is an acronym and the idea with each of these letters is it should act as a trigger to ask yourself, ‘Am I Hungry?  Am I Angry?  Am I lonely?  And I Tired?”

“Maybe its not that you want a hot fudge sundae…maybe its that you want your life to be a hot fudge sundae.”

“So its a question for me of what is it you really want? […] Do you want that chocolate cake?  Or do you want peace and serenity around food?  Do you want a body that’s de-aging, extending your prime, feeling gloriously energetic and vital?”

So I make a choice based on my vision of myself in my world.  And the idea here is to really live in congruence and alignment and to be faithful to this bigger picture of who you want to be in the world.”

“[…] stress and cortisol is responsible for 95% of the diseases we treat in conventional medicine.  So 95%…it either causes the disease or makes it worse.”


Kait xo

A note on wellness, 2

“Before we start our lesson on sugar and other stimulants, let’s get one thing straight: You are sweet enough.  You are sharp enough.  Your holy, natural state is more than enough.  You just think you need that extra boost.  But your body knows exactly how to create it naturally.  Keep it clean and lean.  Dump the crack!

“The real you knows exactly what I mean.  In your original state you ooze magic honey.  Unicorns want to lick you.  Cupcakes and vodka just won’t do.  They distort your connection to your base energy.  A bump, hit, sip, or snack will definitely make you soar for a hot mess of a minute.  But like Icarus flying so high, the race to the sun will burn your wings and drop you on your fat, sugary ass!”